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Yachts of Running on The Hudson, Chelsea Market, & Equinox High Line

by JoJo's Jots
Yachts of Running on The Hudson, Chelsea Market, & Equinox High Line

Thursday June 6th 2019

4:50 AM: Woke up early.  Knew it was too early.  Went back to bed.

6:20 AM: Woke up before alarm. Victory.

7:15 AM: Starbucks at Hudson & 10th.

8:22 AM: Instagram posting change.  Now placing The City between pictures of my fashions.

8:27 AM: Latest post on JoJo’s Jots.

8:28 AM:  Back to work.

9:41 AM: JoJo’s Jot: The key is to keep moving.

9:58 AM:  Discovered that Starbucks refills are $0.50 any size whether small or medium or Venti was purchased originally.

10:18 AM: One can only be at peace if they give all their worries to God.

4:18 PM: Lunch at Starbucks is cheaper than most places.  I’d like to start running on Chelsea Piers in addition to Central Park.  Will plan for that in the near future.

4:42 PM:  When 4:30 PM hits, I enter my: “Journal & Five Accomplishments” journal.  I accomplished more today that I have in quite some time and am very proud of myself.

4:49 PM:  I’m feeling Columbus Circle Whole Foods, Equinox, & Central Park run in the sun.

6:00 PM:  Change of plans, I decide to run on The Hudson and it is the best decision I’ve ever made in running.  I first briskly walk through West Village, cross 11th ave, and hit the piers.  It’s a gorgeous day outside and there are plenty of bikes, scooters, kids & their families, dogs, and of course runners.  I pass great restaurants that are packed, especially down at Vogue & One World Trade Center. 

There’s soccer, basketball, tennis, a sports arena, sand volleyball, and even putt putt golf.  There’s an AVP Pro Beach Volleyball tournament happening as well as I near 16th St.  Pier 40 looks neat as well. I accidentally ran into some yachts which were quite beautiful.

7:30 PM:  I wrap up my run and head straight to Chelsea Market: The Manhattan Fruit Market underground and have beef, sushi, turkey meatballs, Quinoa, a pepper, rice, and beans but this time in a half box.  Dessert is a cup this time rather than a full bin of yogurt, blueberries, oranges, pecans, and granola.

As I wrap up my parfait there are wonderful restaurants near the High Line I’d love to go to when I’m living off of my dividends: Artichoke Pizza & The Park.  At night, Chelsea is packed with 20-30 something year olds and some bars too with just the music keeps me at a distance.

8:00 PM:  I hit the sauna and showers at Equinox High Line.  I recognize here I can withstand three full steam cycles.  I also teach myself how to use a MasterLock as I never learned as a kid for my locker.

8:30 PM: Bed

More to come!  -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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