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Work Ready Wardrobe Ready!

by JoJo's Jots
Work Ready Wardrobe Ready!

As an entrepreneur and founder of a business, I do have a choice to wear what I want. It’s important though to wear the right clothes for the hustle not only to show appreciation of my clientele but also to show appreciation for myself. This doesn’t mean I have to wear skyrocketing costly clothes but instead clothes that are reliable, that match my personality, and that are appropriate and colorful.

Every day I’m learning more about what works great with my wardrobe and I believe this outfit is a great step forward from the standard polo shirt, no offense Ralph Lauren! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of dress shoes but until I discover those $500.00 pair of ultra comfortable dress shoes for flat feet I’m sticking with my ever-lasting Brooks Running shoes. Speaking of, I get compliments almost daily on these comfortable yet eye-catching pair as I hear about the silver reflections and blue tones.

As for these jeans, boy are they comfortable and last forever! They look great, feel great, and here’s a little secret: they are the best pair of jeans I’ve purchased to date and I’ve purchased jeans far more expensive than these. These are Levis and I’m a huge fan. When I sit, the jeans do not rise and show the hairs of my legs when I’m with company while they also do not squeeze me when I sit down. I’m also able to put everything in my pockets without that giant bulge feeling both front and back. Most importantly, this pair goes well with everything and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this pair on a bride it’s so good to wear!

The cardigan seen is from one of my fave hot spots for discount shopping: Stein Mart and if one isn’t in a city nearby, move. I have found a load of clothes just in one stop. I hit the store right before my Paris, London, Tokyo, Kyoto trip and never looked back. Thank you Stein Mart for making my travels a breeze! By the way, that blue is too good to be true.

Now onto that pop-out collar that’s none other than Jos. A Bank which these dress shirts can go through anything and still look pristine as if it were bought today! Here’s a little fashion tip: When wearing a cardigan, ensure your shirt is a button-down for a more prepped look!

Let’s not forget last but not least. In-fact very important especially on those super cold days is the J.Crew jacket which is super thick and very comfortable. It keeps me super warm on those chilly days no matter what country I’m in! Zipper is super easy to use and the jacket has front pockets to use for accessories I’m carrying or my own two hands. Best part is that hoodie on rainy days Mondays that never get me down! (Thank you Karen Carpenter!). Feel free to shop my look regarding the Brooks running shoes by clicking or tapping on any of the photos below.

More to come! -JoJo

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