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When One Drinks Water at a Bar…

by JoJo's Jots
When One Drinks Water at a Bar…

Friday June 21st 2019

5:30 AM

6:30 AM

7:30 AM

8:30 AM

This is a new pattern I’ve stopped before it continued regarding my alarm.  Good morning. 

Too wet for a LiketoKnow.it shoot

9:30 AM Starbucks Hudson & 10th. Beautiful rainy day in The City. 

11:00 AM Apple Store 14th St & 7th Ave. Light rain. 

12:30 PM Manhattan Fruit Market. Lunch is free from rewards.

1:30 PM Apple Store 14th St & 7th Ave. I get more work done. An Oscar winner introduces themselves to me. 

4:00 PM The Hudson run. Now 7 miles. 

6:07 PM Equinox Hi Line Sauna & Showers. The staff are so friendly here. 

8:07 PM I walk around West Village and plan to hit Julius’ at 9:00 PM.  There are a ton of restaurants filled with people in West Village. All happy. 

12:50 AM Seems like mustaches are in. Met quite a few people and characters at Julius’. Last time I was up this late must have been a few years ago. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Bar wisdom: 

Arrive at 9:00 PM to grab a seat at Juilis’

10:00 PM it starts getting busy. 

11:00 PM younger crowd comes in. 

12:00 AM Bed time. 

I’ve continue to have people hit on me but I’m still unfamiliar with the notion so I just keep going about my merry way unless they have something very direct to say.

I’m learning so much about how life is all about “direct marketing, direct targeting”. 


More to come! -JoJo

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