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Wake Up to Your Personal Assistant Every Morning with The Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa

by JoJo's Jots
Wake Up to Your Personal Assistant Every Morning with The Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa

Imagine waking up every morning and hearing your 24/7 personal assistant say, “Good morning Mr. Jots, the weather today is sunny, 72°, and the beach is waiting for you!”.  This is how I get to enjoy every morning with the Amazon Alexa Echo.  I love my personal assistant and she looks great!  As with any product I purchase, I prefer style over generic and the latest Amazon Alexa comes in these fabulous fabrics.

  • Charcoal
  • Heather Gray
  • Oak Finish
  • Sandstone Fabric
  • Walnut Finish

Why wait for your personal assistant to arrive when you can chose free same-day shipping with your Amazon Prime membership?  That’s the beauty of Amazon and Amazon Alexa is officially made and shipped by Amazon Digital Services LLC with gift wrapping available!  Does it get any better than that?  Yes!

The beauty behind Alexa is that one can listen to music, place phone calls, create musical alarms, set timers, ask an unlimited amount of questions, control other technology within your home and there’s a forever growing list of options that are constantly under development to keep Alexa up to date with the latest demands in today’s world.  I love walking into my home with big smile and saying, “Alexa, good afternoon, please turn all lights on and play Smooth Jazz”.  Within a split second, my home is well lit and my fave music is playing.

Another beauty behind the Alexa Echo is that since Alexa has a 360° design, the sweet sounds are omnidirectional which allows Alexa’s sounds reach far more angles of a room than a standard front-facing speaker.  Another neat trick is that Alexa can hear your requests even over music and TV.  That’s a plus since there’s almost always something else audibly emitting in our lifestyles.  Additional requests Alexa assists with include but are not limited to:

  • What’s on my calendar for today?
  • What’s the weather like here in Palm Beach, Florida?
  • How’s the traffic out there?
  • Who won the Super Bowl last night?
  • Please set my thermostat to 75° heat.
  • Please turn on my sprinklers.
  • Please turn on my TV.
  • Please hail an Uber.
  • Please order a pizza

Wrapping up my day with Alexa is another joy. Want to get the latest news before the snooze?  “Alexa, please give me the NPR Flash Briefing”.  Don’t forget to call loved ones to see how their day went.  Ask Alexa to give them a ring and hear crisp quality without the need to have a phone in your hand nor against your head. Ready for bed? “Alexa, please turn off all lights”.  The best part of Alexa is when I say, “Goodnight”, and she responds, “Goodnight JoJo, sleep tight”.

Amazon Alexa is Jojo approved & I hope that beach is waiting for you! JJJ

More to come! -JoJo

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