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Vive La France! Bonjour Paris!

by JoJo's Jots
JoeJoe in Paris

Bonjour Jetsetters!  This day marks a great moment for the holidays.  I’m heading to Paris!  I’d like to first start with complimenting my driver who not only gets me to the airport on time but also has phenom driving skills and personality.  Another big plus is that when it’s time for me to work, he gets it!

I am thrilled to accept the invite to board this magical 787 on this gorgeous day to the city of love!  Paris is a repeat destination for me, and I am just as thrilled to go again as if it’s the first time.  There’s no better place to be than a place where people enjoy your company!  Bottomless wine, fine dining, and happy times are all that’s on board this 550mph marvel.

The moment my driver said “Bon Voyage!” and handed me my fave heart painted luggage from Tuesday Morning & also available on my Amazon shop, I am then enchanted to arrive at my fave terminal: Terminal D at DFW airport.  This section of the airport is just like a mini Rodeo Drive with a sky-high Christmas tree that one can walk through and has gorgeous shops like Kate Spade, Tumi, & Duty-Free!  Every employee of every shop I walk into is all smiles. One of the shops I made purchases at is “In Motion Stores” which has a vast amount of high-tech accessories & Billy assisted me with testing out selfie products before buying which was such a great experience.

My original selfie stick snapped and I am thrilled to discover that this shop has them.  This technology shop also has the Job GripTight mini tripod which is great for sticking my iPhone on poles, branches, and even flat surfaces to catch the latest shot I’m striking a pose in.  Best not get too distracted, especially being a Technical Therapist™ in these tech stores or I’ll miss my flight!

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Before I jump in line, I do recommend stopping by the Travel Exchange shop as Craig not only was all smiles, but also informed me that no matter how big or small my transaction is, there is a flat fee of $9.99 when converting US dollars to Euros.  If one has any remaining European gold, simply return to Travel Exchange with one’s receipt and exchange the Euros back to US dollars at no charge!  The beauty behind this gem is that if one goes to Paris to exchange their US dollars, one may encounter a percentage fee rather than a flat fee when exchanging a large amount of cash that’s not going to be fancy!

Everyone at the Quick Stop Shop in Terminal D is super friendly and remind me if I’m making a purchase with food and I’m missing a drink and vice verse.  The prices are very reasonable and include every magazine possible.  D Terminal is my fave terminal when visiting Dallas.  Immaculate floors, good clean feel, and wide open spaces make this section of the airport a true hotspot.

I must say that I have discovered the best flight attendants to date.  Jamie, Jane, & Vanessa all are phenom at what they do.  Consistent refills and on the dot meal service doesn’t get any better than this at 37,000 feet.  I had a question and fifteen seconds after pushing the flight attendant button my question is answered!  Very friendly and personal as well opens the door to a very relaxed trip in the sky.

An important reminder: always show up at minimum two hours before one’s international flight.  When I do this, I have about fifty minutes of idle time which is replaced with something productive such as writing this blog post or checking in with family.  Now and then there is a hiccup or two so this timeframe indeed ensures one will be Jetset ready!  One of my fave things to look forward to before boarding for Paris is listening to the ticketing agents at the gate announce the boarding in French!  What a beautiful way to board a luxury airline!

*Please note that names sometimes are changed for respect of other’s privacy.

More to come! -JoJo

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