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Victory Park Sparks

by JoJo's Jots
Victory Park Sparks

I love Sundays and here’s why: Jos A Bank.

From their ties, pants, and socks all the way to their blazers, Jos A Bank is a one stop shop that keeps me coming back for more. One could say that Jos A Bank is the Forever 21 for men. Why do I like to dress up on Sunday? I do enjoy getting together with family to attend Sunday Mass at Christ the King Catholic Church in addition to a bottomless list of activities on Sunday which include one of my faves: Photo Shoots. One of the primary reasons I enjoy photo shoots so much is that they help me come back to focus with what I’m supposed to be doing with my life and what’s important to me. They also help me realize how beautiful life is around me, especially when I sometimes forget.

Even after a Sunday Mass, I enjoy wearing my “Sunday Funday” outfit through out the day because it’s a reminder that dressing one’s best feels best no matter if it’s seen by everyone or just oneself. I have to admit that I’m addicted to Jos A Bank ties. I can’t get enough of them! Pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, and a countless more, Jos A Bank ties never get tiresome. Since it’s the month of Love, AKA February, I just had to throw on pink today. Pink tie, pink shirt, pink socks and it makes me feel oh so joyous! It’s important to remember that one does not have to have that “special someone” in order to be in love. One can be in love with the life they surround themselves with as do I.

There’s no question: love is in the future for JoJo. It’s not about a matter of time, it’s just when JoJo is ready. Let’s not forget, if the right one suddenly appears in front of JoJo, JoJo’s ready. But until then, onward! I do have to say that Jos A Bank indeed has the most comfortable clothes I’ve worn to date and that any man should be happy to be gifted these precious fashions. I’ve decided to start calling my wardrobe: JoJo’s Wardrobe. It’s a savory save of all my purchased wardrobe pieces that I want to share with the world. These items have been with me through thick and thin and area here to stay.

Starting off with the socks: Jos. A. Bank Argyle Socks, 1-Pair, these babies have wrapped my feet for years and have survived it all. Best of all, these guys are pink and make my Sunday days! Next we roll to the: Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Steel Micro Hip Briefs. Oh my goodness! Do we now know JoJo’s underwear? Indeed! I may be superman but I’m still a man and when it comes to underwear, Calvin Klein does the trick. I’ve worn some pretty poor underwear and Klein really takes the cake! Thank you Calvin! I don’t know about everyone else but what I do know is that I enjoy wearing tank tops under my dress shirts and that includes: Hanes Ultimate Men’s 7-Pack ComfortSoft Tanks.

The Jos A Bank 100 silk. Regular length. 3-1/8 inches wide. Stain resistant. Imported. Dry clean. Traveler Collection Dot Tie may have even accidentally run through my washer and dryer at max heat and still looks fabulous. I am such a fan of Joseph A Bank ties as they survive stains and all! The blazer Slim Fit. 100 Wool. Side Vent. Dry Clean. Imported. 1905 Collection Slim Fit Blazer is also another one of my fave’s because it also has survived nearly everything which includes but is not limited to the past few years and my recent double trip to Paris, London, Tokyo, & Kyoto. Boy I would do it all over again in a heart beat and perhaps I will soon. Only time will tell!

As for the Traveler Slim Fit Wrinkle-Free Pinpoint Solid Long-Sleeve Point Collar Dress Shirt There’s nothing to say other than this pink guy is awesome and not only brightens my day but also brightens any Sunday patron I pass by. The pants from Izod Men’s Chino Pants are such a win/win. They fit the budget great and they also come out just dandy with two full hands of ice cubes and a fifteen minute max heat dryer cycle right before a photo shoot: scouts honor! This pair is 98% cotton and 2% spandex that are easily machine washed and stretch so that one is comfortable standing, sitting, or walking with them. That hair comes to no surprise with the fabulous shaping cream I use from Tea Tree: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream. One would not believe how long this magical formula lasts. I believe there was one point in which I had forgotten about one of the containers, came back to it a few years later, and it works good as new! One will notice that this product is in most hair salons and barber shops which is giving one a hint: it works for a lot of people including JoJo!

The 1905 Collection Slim Fit Blazer is the cherry on top of this fabulous Sunday outfit and it’s on clearance too which makes this piece even more exciting to purchase.  Now that I come to think of it, this blazer may have survived an accidental machine wash as well which of course I do not recommend.  At the time of this post, this blazer is on sale at $124.00 and is typically $498.00 so this is a great buy for the guy who wants to treat himself right this February or if his significant other would like to give him a great valentines day gift!

We come to our final product: Men’s Martin Dingman ‘Samuel’ Leather Belt, Size 42 – Black and I cannot say enough tha this belt most likely has lasted me through since High School, yes High School. Who knew? Well, now I do and know everyone else does as well. This belt is super durable and just works! Literally with almost any outfit. Big shout out to Martin Dingman for making belts that are just flat out awesome. Well that’s all the time we have for today folks. Until next time, this is JoJo and I hope everyone has a phenom week ahead! Remember, it’s a choice to have a good week! More to come & shop the post below! -JJJ

More to come! -JoJo

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