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The New York Times Business Section & The Upper East Side 85th Equinox

by JoJo's Jots
The New York Times Business Section & The Upper East Side 85th Equinox

Friday July 12, 2019

7:00 AM Alarm.

7:30 AM LiketoKnow.it Shoot

8:00 AM Starbucks Hudson & 10th

Daily News New York’s Hometown Newspaper

  1. Dow Jones passes 27000. 
  2. MTA Subway up 81.25% best monthly performance in six years. 
  3. U.S Women’s Soccer Parade cost taxpayers nearly $1,000,000.00.
  4. Hundreds of speed cams to hit Manhattan Streets up to 750 zones and when one goes over 10 miles in all the 25 mph limit zones they automatically receive a $50.00 ticket in the mail. Zones that have these cameras installed have seen a 14% drop in traffic injuries.  Speeding has dipped 60%.

On to New York Times

  1. Dow crosses 27,000 Mark for First Time S&P 500 moved above 3,000. 
  2. Race cars now electric without the “roar” sound. Zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. 
  3. 80% of electric vehicle owners charge at home. 
  4. Dean & DeLuca is shutting down many of it’s Manhattan stores including a three month old specialty shop. The company is in debt to several of it’s fine foods providers.  This is a great learning lesson for all.

10:30 AM Another great business meeting & Kickstarter meeting at Equinox Printing House.

11:00 AM Lunch at Mananoush $7.00 fresh brick oven lunch with olive oil and flat bread in The City? Yes please. 

5:00 PM Equinox Workout Upper East Side

B/D 34 Q 86 Equinox East 85th St

6:08 PM First time going to this Equinox and finally starting to tap into The Upper East Side.

Hip Adduction




Hip Abduction




Glute Master (not at Upper East Side 85)




Seated Leg Curl




One or the other JoJo

Leg Curl




Leg Extensions




Calf Dips (free)

30 30

35 20

40 10

Stationary Squat

Just the bar




Act as if it’s not stationary. 



6:24 PM Great workout JoJo! Sauna and shower.

8:00 PM Elm Wellness

Subway: 86 4 5 14 L 8 6

I had a few funny thoughts today. 

Imagine a video of a man desperately running through the city as if he’s being chased and ends up in front of the MetLife building and there’s a big easy button that he pushes on the wall that faces him. 

A trap door opens and he falls right through. Then the word “easy” peels off the button and the word “hard” or “life” appears engraved on the button. 

Meaning? There is no easy button to life. If there were, everyone would be pushing it.

I like the Upper East Side. I like how calm it feels. It’s like a staycation.

I’m thrilled to have been invited to a wedding ceremony. This will be my first out of town wedding ceremony to attend and am honored to be invited.

9:00 PM Home Work

10:00 PM Bed

More to come! -JoJo

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