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The Majestic Phantom of The Opera

by JoJo's Jots
The Majestic Phantom of The Opera

Thursday June 13th 2019

5:30 AM: Alarm goes off.  Good morning.  Thank you God for this amazing day you have given me.

6:15 AM: LiketoKnow.it shirt before it rains…hard.  Sporting a BAKO Megatone Boca jersey, my Timbuk2 backpack a friend gave me which I am very grateful for, my Levi’s jeans, my Brooks Walking shoes, & black Jos. A Bank socks which are my last pair of socks before laundry so it’s time to buy a few more packs at this time as this is long overdue.

One of the many splendorous things about The City is that there are special shops to go to that have phenomenal prices one can’t find anywhere else in the country.  OMG Jeans is one of JoJo’s fave staple stores for all things Calvin Klein, sports socks, and workout shorts.  There’s plenty for women, in-fact I believe more than for men.  I haven’t checked that section out yet but I’d be happy to.

7:27 AM:  Posted yesterdays post and my photos seem to be getting better every day.  I’m very happy about that & with these six mile a day runs, some things are changing indeed.

10:23 AM:  Discovered a great pattern for my future days to become more successful and productive.  It’s important to remember to never get “life coach/productive prep” addicted or one will end up reading and being taught about productivity and success rather than doing it.

  1. What people, places, and things made me successful today?
  2. What people, places, and things prevented me from being successful today.
  3. What could I have done better today to be more successful?
  4. What actions today brought happiness, determination, great focus, and a higher energy?
  5. What “deer in headlights” experiences did I have today and how may I learn from them for the future?
  6. Set a maximum of three goals a day.  No more or one will fail to achieve any!  When a dog chases both squirrels, they end up with none.
  7. What may I accomplish today that would make me look back at the day and confirm it was truly successful?
  8. Out of my weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals, what accomplishments today advanced me towards completing my major lifetime achievement goals?
  9. Tackle the biggest, most fear-filled goals in one’s day in order to truly be happy.  Avoid “productivity procrastination” at all costs!  It leads to doom and gloom.

11:09 AM:  There’s an “It’s all there for you now if you earn it, work for it, & learn it..  Be patient and you’ll be a part of the greater outcome & thinking is the only way to move forward.  If one decides to not think and “want” vs “do”, they will regress.” phrase that enters my head every few days and when it does, it feels great.  When it’s forgotten, it feels terrible.  Will determine how to keep this “momentum phrase” permanently with me.  The feeling is almost like a permanent coffee without the jitters and as if a success train is passing by that reminds me of where I’m going.  Perhaps I can instill this thought process psychologically by connecting it with whenever I see a yellow cab as they are always around and they aren’t going anywhere, they’ll just continue morphing with the trends.

12:00 PM:  Headed out to see my first broadway show since moving to The City: The Phantom of The Opera at the Majestic Theater.  Great rainy day for Phantom in The City.

1:00 PM:  I’m there early so I take a tour of the neighborhood around The Majestic Theater.  Would like to visit it soon.

2:00 PM: Lights out, music starts: “lot 666 a Chandelier.”

4:00 PM:  Gorgeous performance.

5:00 PM:  Head back home to do more work, few calls, and ready for 5:30 AM tomorrow.

More to come! -JoJo

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