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The City Gets Smaller…and Smaller…and Smaller

by JoJo's Jots
The City Gets Smaller…and Smaller…and Smaller

Thursday June 27th 2019

6:00 AM Alarm

6:30 AM Starbucks 10th & Hudson

7:00 AM Work

8:57 AM Loafers, khaki shorts, buttoned up shirt, sunglasses.

10:00 AM Equinox Printing House. Work. 

11:00 AM: Upper Body Workout

Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid 

115 level 8 very good. Don’t forget to breathe & SYC (strengthen your core).

130 good!

145 good! Hard!

25 too easy

55 good

70 good

Ab crunch with 2lb ball. 

30 reps. Dropped at 25. This is tough stuff. No wonder I’ve got flab down there. Hooray, I found my weakness, let’s drestroy it!

Triceps Extensiondo level 5 in order for back to hit backrest and keep core tightened always!




Biceps Curl

95 medium. Left wrist pops every rep but it’s always done that. 

110 good. Don’t let the bar all the way down or then the energy starts going other places than your biceps.

125 aha!  I got my wrist to stop popping and the first rep is easy by standing up and pulling back the handles. But something tells me I should be able to sit and lift…so I’ll do that next time with aower weight. Next time 80, 95, 110.  Whoops it’s level 3 so entire arms each back of pad!  Now I know. Amazing what happens when one reads. So level 3 95, 110, 125. 

Lateral Raise:

80 seat 7 good medium

95 good

110 good. I need to focus on the energy to my shoulders and no jerks. No energy to curling back.

Seated Row

50 easy

100 medium 

120 medium hard (be extra careful with this weight keeping posture straight as well as muscles and core. 


Reach for the Stars and block the negative Ora

Left Right swoosh

Chest and back turnaround 

Shake it off shrugs

Going to the first floor to grab my Equinox New York Times newsletter for the sauna. 

I’m excited that I am now buying my lunch at Rite Aid to create more work time in my day. I always sensed lunch time was a big chunk of time in the day to caught in boredom and lose the rest of the day. Unless I’m making a deal with a lunch meeting, no thanks! Plus the cost drop is handsome!

1:15 PM Workout, Sauna, Shower, & dress. Rite Aid then Apple Store for more projects. 

5:30 PM Work done. Very happy.

6:00 PM Joel Grey art gallery exhibit visit at Staley Wise Gallery.  Beautiful photographs of flowers are on display and for purchase.

8:00 PM Date

9:00 PM Walk on The Hudson

10:30 PM Bed

More to come! -JoJo

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