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Thank You Cards, Familiar Voices, & First Timers

by JoJo's Jots
Thank You Cards, Familiar Voices, & First Timers

Always a beautiful day here in the city and I initiated my daily “Thank You” cards ritual in which every day I leave a stamped and ready to go stationary post card to thank someone in my life in my own words and writing. This reminds me I need to buy new stationary as that was my last card and I know exactly what to do. Regarding stationary, I’m all about spending the least as it’s the thought and action that counts far more at least for me at this time. My favorite and reasonably priced black and blue pens can be purchased by clicking here for the blue pens and here for the black pens. One may receive so many with these two purchases one can pass them out to people who need pens which is all the time or carry extra ones in your pockets for that “If I only had a pen” moment.

It’s nice to speak with a familiar voice from long ago which reminds me to give people I think about a call every so often to catch up. I only use official Apple AirPods and only purchase them directly from Apple’s official website here. I’ve noticed that many times purchasing Apple products elsewhere leads to a zero guarantee of problem-free experiences which is far different than fashion purchases.

There were a few first timer moves I made today which I’m proud of myself for. I sense that I’m starting to really get into the groove of something spectacular in New York and it’s all about these tiny baby steps which may have come from a recent book I read called: Tiny Habits which can be purchased here. I’ve noticed something neat about my brain and it’s that it’s only days, weeks, or even months after I’ve read something it truly starts to set in. It’s never the day of nor even the day after. I wonder if that’s called something technical?

I started watching the TV Show Cheers for the first time ever and I have to say I’m learning a whole new range of vocabulary from Shelley Long and the show can be watched here. Alright until next time:


More to come! -JoJo

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