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Starbucks & Starbucks Reserve: That’s a Lot of Coffee Colors

by JoJo's Jots
Starbucks & Starbucks Reserve: That’s a Lot of Coffee Colors

Monday June 10th 2019

5:02 AM: I wake up before my alarm.  I’ve run 50 miles in the 9 days of June thus far so my legs and my brain tell me to hit the hay for a bit longer.

5:30 AM: Alarm goes off, body still tells me the same thing.

6:45 AM: I get up.  Shame shame.  Will be a 5:30 AMer tomorrow.  I also know what exhausted me yesterday and I will avoid that at all costs!

8:00 AM:  Yesterdays blog post posted.  On with the day!

JoJo’s Jot:  8:12 AM:  Some of thebest moments in life are on-the-spot, real, and too fast to capture on film.  A nice woman was waving to a friend in front of me by the window and I just started waving back.  Realizing what happened, we both laughed and waved at each other.  Ah, The City.

Well that was the cutest thing.  It started raining and they jotted by and waved again.  This is too cute.  I love The City.

5:00 PM: Good work day.  I head to the Apple Store West 14th St for a few necessities and then head into Manhattan Fruit Market for dinner which ends up being about $7.00.

6:30 PM: I head to Starbucks Reserve and it’s gorgeous inside.  Copper, metals, and bronze materials and colors are everywhere.  This is the largest Starbucks I’ve ever been in.  Ample and comfortable seating as well as great staff and the food looks phenomenal.

JoJo’s Jot:  Staff are unable to accept tips.  Believe me, from their service I made my attempts…twice.

Bathrooms are on the “C” level and don’t be stunned if one thinks they are in the wrong restroom.  These bathrooms are for everyone.

8:30 AM:  Equinox is nice to hit just for a sauna and shower, even without a workout.  So I go do that at High Line and talk a merry walk home.  It’s a beautiful night.  Goodnight.

More to come!  -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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