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Starbucks @ Field St is a Win/Win & LiketoKnow.it App

by JoJo's Jots
Starbucks @ Field St is a Win/Win & LiketoKnow.it App

6:00 AM: I’m walking into a business meeting that’s full of high school friends that are all grown up. I knock on the wall to say hi to a specific person facing away from me but they don’t turn around. I’m surprised they are there as I’m in London. I say, “Hello, just wanted to say hi to my classmates from High School”. The gentleman across from my friend says “Who interrupts a business meeting to say hi to a classmate?”

I sigh and walk out into an open room with my friends at a table and we’re at a restaurant I can’t quite figure out where it’s located. I experience quick flashes of experiences due to accidentally spotting items on Facebook’s feed the day before and my friends at my table start talking about what they posted and acting it out. I shake a few hands and tell one gentleman “I’ll see you on the next flight”.

My alarm goes off and I’m ready for the day.

6:33 AM: Headed to Starbucks

7:00 AM: Photo Shoot with barista.

7:10 AM: I post my screenshot to the LiketoKnow.it app which is a stellar app to shop one’s fave screenshots from Instagram and many other sources. Just download the app, take a screenshot of products one would like to purchase, open the LiketoKnow.it app and make the purchases. Easy+Breezy.

7:18 AM: I turn on my 80’s Essentials from Apple Music.

7:32 AM: Let’s get to work. More to come! -JoJo’s Jots

More to come! -JoJo

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