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Sometimes You Can Be Too Safe: 737 8 Max’s Update

by JoJo's Jots
Sometimes You Can Be Too Safe: 737 8 Max’s Update

I am quite shocked this morning to read about the 737 8 Max planes that went down this past year due to a single sensor failure on the right outside of the plane. The sensor is supposed to take over the plane’s potential stall angle and bring it back to the right level but this equipment just took the planes all the way down.

The night before Congress brought down all 737 8 Max planes I remember my sweet mother contacting me throughout my Los Angeles business trips telling me to not get on those planes, to switch the flights, and that Southwest would reimburse my tickets.

The first plane I got on was a 737. The second? A 737 8 Max. I was in my tuxedo from Oscar weekend and I suddenly saw the 737 8 Max pamphlet. I called my parents and my I my mother said “You’re on the plane?! Why did you get on it! I’ve been telling you to not get on those planes!” She turns to my father and asks if I should get off and my father says no.

I noticed that half the plane was empty and so were the “Cattle Call Lines” but I got on anyways. I was about to ask the stewardess if I may step off the plane. I had just watched a live CNN article minute by minute state New Zealand, UK, India, & more countries grounding the plane all with the exception of the US. I began to open my mouth to ask a stewardess to step off the plane and the door slammed shut.

Instead of building a blood boiling pool of sweat and dissapating deodorant session in my tux trapped in a potentially doomed metal tube, I forced myself to read, very, very hard. Through my latest Trump book “How to Get Rich”, I’ve never read so hard in my life.

While reading I noticed outside my window, deep in the night, another plane flew right below us and looked far closer than the FAA regulations for planes proximities. I could see the windows, the lights, and the fog from the plane and it flew as if it were the speed of a bullet.

Ironically, Chicago O’Hare just had a close call as well and I photographed two planes landing at the same time at Love Fielf airport that just looked way to close to be right. Articles below.

Final thoughts: I thought well, if I’m going to go down, I’m doing it in my Oscar tux. (Images below) and if you’re in a rare pickle like me with this event, why not dress your best with my fave Tux shop in Los Angeles: Friar Tux on 12345 Wilshire Blvd and tell them JoJo says hello!



More to come! -JoJo

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