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Reunited and it Feels So Good

by JoJo's Jots
Reunited and it Feels So Good

Saturday June 15th 2019

7:30 AM: Slept till then with alarm at 7:30 AM as I had tested out bars last night (water only and for just a few hours) and hit the hay at 10:30 AM. 

8:30 AM: I’m in the zone for my day and someone very kind takes time to look at me and say “good morning” and I look quickly and kindly say good morning but do wish I had stopped to say hello. Next time I will.

9:18 AM: I take the 1 M to Columbus Circle. Today’s going to be a beautiful day and it will rain in The City for nearly ten days in a row so today I’m doing a combo of weights and Central Park.  Do not run on The Hudson on weekends or one will not be able to run at all. The same goes for The Brooklyn Bridge.  Central Park is full of tourists as well but it’s big enough to allow everyone to do as they please although some do not obey the road rules. I’ll see bikes and those cart carrying people run into my lane and not budge.

9:35 AM: The 2 does not stop at Columbus Circle on weekends. Hopping back on the 1 to go back. Ended up in Upper West Side.

10:00 AM: Central Park Run on weekends to avoid the touristy fire hazards on The Hudson. Take some great shots, great sun, & great run. 

Side carts do not take Apple Pay nor do some speak English. This is good to know. 

Learned a lot of great phrases and mindset patterns while on my run. I always do, especially when I listen to the artist Sia. To date, the most powerful lyrics and sound artist I’ve listened to to date. 

1:44 PM Taking the 1 M train down to 14th St to get ready for brunch at La Loteria with some friends and then a fine wine time with a friend at Terra Wine Bar.  It’s a gorgeous day and I am so grateful!

10:00 PM Everyone and everything is grand. So nice to reunite with long lost friends. Met new people as well which is always nice. Always have those business cards ready, it helps in countless ways!  We also went to the Ear Inn and met some Cityzens. New Yorkers are so friendly.  Also stopped by another corner bar but this one has to remain a secret for now to prevent a tourist overload.

There’s a spot I’d like to try out called Bar Hugo.

Got a Mani-Pedi thanks to my friend at QQ and then hit the hay. 

More to come! -JoJo

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