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Repetition is Key to Success

by JoJo's Jots
Repetition is Key to Success

Tuesday June 11th 2019

5:30 AM:  Alarm went off and I get up immediately and start my day.  Two hard boiled eggs from Rite Aid and a half gallon of Tropicana No Pulp+Calcium and I’m out the door.

6:45 AM: Just discovered that The New York Time, The Wall Street Journal, and a few other New York based newspapers are available to read for free at Starbucks Hudson & 10th and available for purchase if taken out of the store.

7:00 AM:  Time to test out Starbucks Reserve since I got a bite of it yesterday.  Back to work.

10:00 AM: Fruit & Granola bowl & a 16oz cup of black coffee with room for cream.  I carry the tray to my table and spill a bit.

12:00 PM:  I head out for my six mile daily run on The Hudson.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and I am very grateful.

2:00 PM: Manhattan Fruit Market.  Yum.

3:15 PM: I’m working on a personal project and head to the Apple Store.

5:32 PM: More work done.

8:00 PM: Wrap up project and head home to bed.

More to come! -JoJo

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