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Proud, Performance, & Parks

by JoJo's Jots
Proud, Performance, & Parks

Saturday June 1st 2019

6:00 AM:  Am proud to have awakened at exactly 6:00 AM on a Saturday morning from my iPhone XS Max 512GB alarm.  I get right up, start my “Gratefulness” stretches for the day and step into The City.

6:45 AM:  My favorite coffee shops: Grounded Coffee, 11th Street Cafe, & Think Coffee all open at 7:30 AM EST on Saturdays and I’m an early bird so I hit my staple Starbucks and get the usual: Small Black cup of Coffee with room for Cream always Skim.  Saturday mornings in Starbucks always have a happier vibe, more families, dogs, and workout apparel.

6:50 AM:  Yesterday’s blog post posted today.  That’s how I post them now and I like that way best thus far.  I’m looking forward to the Williamsburg Food Festival today & this will be my first time visiting the neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn.  Back to work.

10:10 AM: I make a few calls and then head out for my latest LiketoKnow.it shoot which I’m a proud owner of my first pair of Jos A Bank pink lined shorts & Express surfboard short sleeve shirt.  They look fabulous in this beautiful Summer weather at the AIDS Memorial park.  The heat starts to kick in so it’s time to wrap up the shoot and prep for Williamsburg. 

10:30 AM: I head to the Smorgasburg Williamsburg Food Festival and enjoy fantastic skewer seafood including grilled shrimp and stuffed Focassia calamari from a great pop up tent. There is an enormous amount of junk food that has been made to look like gorgeous rewards but I know how I’ll feel immediately after eating them. It’s all about long term investing vs instant gratification.  When I first moved to the city I weighed 198.6 lbs and now weigh 180.2  I walk into a few shops and check out the Brooklyn Flea Market. Great for women.  Stopped by another similar indoor market a bit more upscale with trends like “power healing rocks in candles” and other interesting finds. I also learn an enormous amount of sales & marketing psychology just from shop owners analyzing my body language and eye movements on their products. I head back to The City to get more work done.

4:42 PM: I decide to hit Central Park again for my fifth day of running this week which will be a total of 30 miles in five days.  A first time record in my life and I look forward to 40 in the near future.  I also run into a life challenging puzzle which I have confidence I will handle.

There are times when we all run into a life challenging puzzle and there are a select few who pick the best pieces first. Those best pieces aren’t always the easiest to handle from the start but they turn out to be the long term choices that make the rest of the puzzle easily solvable.

7:53 PM: Great run in Central Park today. Six miles. I have officially run 30 miles in five days and am very proud of myself. The best time for me to hit the trails no matter where I am in The City is 4:00 PM thus far. Typically it’s not raining, the sun is at least barely peaking, and most importantly it’s daylight and warm enough.

8:31 PM Got some good grub at Whole Foods Columbus Circle. Good to know the Starbucks across the street closes at 11:00 PM EST.  I get my usual 2.19 lbs of Medjool Dates here at Whole Foods. It’s a custom order each time due to the amount of Dates. For reasons I’m slowly starting to find out dates really solve a lot of puzzles when I eat them & I replaced dessert with dates and boy does that make a difference in my life.  I can think faster, stay alert more, sleep better, all because of dates.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Sunday Funday. What is Sunday Funday for JoJo? Sunday Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 10:15 AM for the choir, a LiketoKnow.it shoot with my latest fashions, lunch at Whole Foods & more to come! -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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