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Priority Business to London Please!

by JoJo's Jots
Priority Business to London Please!

I am thrilled to be on this gorgeous American Airlines flight to London in Priority Business. Heading to London I’m in my blogger mindset mode ready to jot my experiences! Typically on my blogging travels, my mind writing begins just after landing but due to the fact that not only is this aircraft phenom, the crew is as well so my jots have only just begun! This flight blows me away just with the warm welcome at the platform stepping onto the airship.

The flight crew includes Susan, Blakely, & Sam and all three ladies are on top of their game! First class service is obviously present and let me say unlimited food and champagne! I must say that there is an incredible difference when flying with a team that is stellar. I have hit a point where I am declining food because I am so full.

This is the first time I am sitting down in Priority Business on an airplane and a Casper mattress top is ready for me to use in my fully flat and at least 6″ft”1 bed! Yes, this airship has beds that are longer than me in which I can fully lay down and get a good nights sleep before landing at Heathrow. The champagne is exquisite and so is the menu! We’re starting out with the Melon and Manchego with Chia Champagne dressing and then a Seasonal Greens salad with sliced radishes, grapes, and tomatoes but the food doesn’t stop there!

I have several choices for my main plates:

  1. Porcini Crusted Filet Mignon: Chantrelle mushroom corn pudding, roasted asparagus, Cafe de Paris butter.
  2. Pommery Mustard and Honey Baked Chicken: Wild mushroom and pea risotto, giardiniera.
  3. Bourbon-Glazed Salmon: fig and roasted pepper orzo, sugar snap peas, cherry tomato.
  4. Santa-Fe Style Enchiladas: roasted squash, baby spinach, queso fresco, grilled corn.

I am going to get the Porcini Crusted Filet Mignon.

The weather is gorgeous outside the aircraft and although it’s wonderful staring out the window during this flight, I’ve got things to blog about! I am also taken away by the American Airlines entertainment system which provides an unlimited amount of options including newly released movies, live in-flight status, and I can even text other passengers! I already see a few passing jokes along, what a fun flight and to top that off, I’m watching the BBC live.

The slippers are adorable and have winking eyelashes on them and the napkins are super soft. Included with my meal is a set of salt and pepper that can be taken home and used again not to mention this set is too cute to leave behind. The Italian Balsamic Vinaigrette also comes in a “mini-me” size. Oh now we’re on to bottomless wine with an outstanding ice cream Sunday that is definitely worth the trip and oh my goodness bottomless Dasani bottled water!

There’s no surprise here that there’s even more exciting things aboard this aircraft. I am opening a travel bag I get to take home with me which includes a bag, earplugs, eyeshade, pen, socks that are 100% polyester, tissue pack, toothbrush, and a C.O. Bigelow Refreshing Travel Kit which includes Rosemary Mint Body Lotion 5ml and Lip Balm 3ml and the back itself is Cole Haan! To top this gift bag surprise, I get a $100.00 off coupon towards any Casper mattress! Yes please!

But the food doesn’t stop there! There’s a buffet that I can walk up to and grab whatever I please at any time throughout the flight which includes bottled water, sandwiches, cookies, nuts, bars, veggie plates, and fruit! This is really what I call first class. Well at some point on this trip one will need to use the restroom I hope and boy am I surprised. The bathrooms are huge and gorgeous. I am a-OK with my home bathrooms looking this way. I honestly feel like I’m in a flying yacht! The soap is CO Bigelow Lemon and the faucet has hot and cold temperature options, tissues flow out of a beautifully crafted wood paneling and there are shelves too that are framed with silver brackets that look just gorgeous.

Back to my seat there is so much room I could stay in this fit for a king lounge seat for days if I had to. Place for my shoes, socks, multiple table areas and a complete seating adjustment system that fits exactly what I prefer regarding degrees. This is helpful for when I’m blogging, watching movies, eating, and of course sleeping. Did I mention Bose Headphones and an alcohol and beverage selection straight from the entertainment system? This flight is definitely fit for a king and fit for me! Thank you American Airlines and crew for a 10/10/10 100 outstanding flight that will last me a lifetime!

More to come! JJJ -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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