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Pinterest is Going Public

by JoJo's Jots
Pinterest is Going Public

PINS is the stock ticker that Pinterest will take ownership of when the “digital mood board” company will go IPO in the near future. I’ve noticed with IPO’s that in order to make a “quick buck”, which I never recommend, one will want to invest in the to-be IPO stock the day of it’s opening as long as it’s a huge, well known, and profitable company and then sell the stock before the closing bell as IPO’s with very successful businesses tend to have a 24 hour bubble. Even then, I never recommend day trading and only invest in what you can lose. I am also in no way a financial advisor.

An example of the 24 hour IPO bubble is Levi’s. Had a great first day and then had a bit of a drop on day two. Hype really does work and just like any news release, people tend to forget and move on to something else very quickly. Investing in stocks is truly a long term process and instant gratification typically leads to instant pain. I am not an avid user of Pinterest but the service can serve you well if you put your mind to it (and your business).

Click The New York Times article below to read more about Pinterest going IPO.

More to come! -JoJo

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