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Performance Cycling with Cecilia Lopez at Equinox is Phenom!

by JoJo's Jots
Equinox Performance Cycling

This morning I had the pleasure of working out with Cecilia Lopez at Equinox in her Performance Cycling class.  First and foremost, booking a fitness course at 5:30 AM has been my best decision yet!  I get up at 4:30 AM, grab my coffee, and go!  This round I used my fave 16oz coffee mug I spotted at Tuesday Morning years ago and traveling with it topless was a success surprisingly.  The new beauty behind going to fitness clubs this early is that my mind is still waking up, so I automatically bypass the mirrors at home and get going no matter which direction my hair is in!

When booking a near-hour of cycling, it’s important to remember that one will be in an enclosed room so if one’s hearing is sensitive pop in those earplugs! My favorite earplugs are Mack’s!

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Another important reminder is to bring that water, whether it’s bottled water or Equinox’s gorgeous water canteens that look like marble.  One can purchase these in the Equinox Gift Shop and for third party water canteens there’s Amazon Prime.  The ones with the straw is especially helpful so one does not have to unscrew the top of their water canteen in the middle of a cycling sprint!

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I do love how I do not have to bring cycling shoes but it’s good food for thought for the future to purchase a pair.  I prefer to sit at the front so that I can see precisely when the instructor turns their tension control knob left or right so that I am always biking in sync!  Another feature of sitting in the front is that there is more room which is a plus for sure.  Be sure to contact one’s cycling instructor before purchasing cycling shoes and cleats to ensure that the right shoes and cleats are purchased!

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Stationary biking is a plus for so many reasons including but not limited to prepping for those long-distance rides outside, a competitive event one has been working hard for, and to increase one’s personal fitness goals.  In any direction one is headed, Performance Cycling with Cecilia Lopez is a winner!  A combo of cycling uphill, sprinting and speeding cycles, & most importantly breathing tips all are positive features of this wake-up and get going class.  Moderate strength and a tremendous amount of cardio are what is required mentally to be 100% ready to take on the hills!  As always, if one heads to Equinox Highland Park be sure to ask for Rachel, mention JoJo’s Jots, & get a free three-day guest pass!

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