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Parades, Priests, & Parks

by JoJo's Jots
Parades, Priests, & Parks

Sunday June 2nd 2019

6:00 AM Alarm. Sunday. 

6:50 AM Starbucks, new fave Hudson & 10th.

9:00 AM 10th, 4th, Christopher, Grove, Waverly, 14 St Station D Train to Uptown Norwood 50th Rockefeller Center to St. Patrick’s Cathedral 10:15 AM Choir Mass.  The only wireless allowed in Mass is prayer. I can’t take credit for that, someone this morning told me passing me by.  I’m sporting a new Jos A Bank pink & white striped long sleeve dress buttoned down shirt with the sleeves rolled up since The City is hitting Summertime and the temps are reaching 70 at 9:00 AM EST.

9:33 AM: I arrive at St. Patrick’s Cathedral very early. The 9:00 AM Mass does not end until 10:00 AM so I stand in the back and enjoy the previous last half of the current Mass.  Now I know to leave wherever I am in the city at the earliest 9:30 AM now that I’m memorizing what streets to take to get from point A to point B.  

While waiting for the 9:00 AM Mass to finish, I get to say hello to Father before the grand front doors open wide and the sun beams in.

There’s a way to safely and following all rules bypass the 9:00 AM exiting crowd but I’ll keep that method to myself for now.  

JoJo’s Jot: Word of advice: Never crawl under the pew dividers. That is for security and safely and one will quickly be identified and kindly placed outside.  Yes, this was happening.

I attempt to sit the front but it seems that there’s always a special occasion at the church in which the first 24 rows are sealed off either for military, nuns, priests, and brothers, and at least at this point that’s what I’ve seen thus far.  I realize that when I wake up bright and early in the morning on weekends at 6:00 AM I’m proud to have not “gone out”.  

JoJo’s Jot: I see nothing gets accomplished or advances and is only at a loss post 10:00 PM, especially if one isn’t making a deal.

10:14 AM: Mass is about to begin and the front 24 pews are filled with nuns. What a holy day today. Cardinal Dolan is here and is wearing a beautiful cardinal outfit including a Zucchetto, Biretta, & a gorgeous golden Crosier. The outfit is stunning, he is incredibly friendly with the parishioners, waves, and greets them on the way up to the altar at the start of Mass and at the end. Amazing.

11:15 AM: LiketoKnow.it Photo shoot outside St. Patricks Cathedral. I’m sporting my new Jos. A Bank Travelers Collection pink and white striped long sleeved dress shirt, IZOD khaki shorts, and my Brooks Running shoes, & Haynes short cut white socks. The cathedral behind me is always stunning.

12:00 PM Whole Foods 57th & 2nd is another great lunch stop on a Sunday.  It’s a much tighter fit than the Whole Foods at union Station which is quite airy but service is great.  

JoJo’s Jot: Here’s a JoJo Tip: There’s a register upstairs if one is willing to walk up the flight in order to skip about 100+ orders ahead of oneself.  Completely worth it.  

I also asked a personnel where a specific bar & box was and they were instantly able to identify what floor, section, and shelf.  Wonderful!  

The staple snack bar for me right now is Kind Healthy Grains Dark Chocolate Chunk which is Gluten Free, no genetically engineered ingredients, 5 super grains: Oats, Millet, Buckwheat, Amaranth, & Quinoa.  That’s 18g of Whole Grain per bar and for the nutrition fanatics, Total Fat:5G, Trans 0g, Cholesterol 0g, Sodium 65mg (3% of daily intake), Total Carb 23g 8%, Dietary Fiber 2g 7%, Protein 2g, Calcium 2%, Iron 6%, & Potassium 2%.  Whoops and total sugars are: 8g (16%).  I get my “sweets” in there every day but just enough to where it doesn’t slow my mind nor body down for my Central Park runs.

12:30 PM: Lunch done.  I had a burger patty which is a delight as I never see those at other Whole Foods, Summer Quinoa, a boiled egg, and broccoli.  I saved $1.50 using the Whole Foods Amazon Primer member app on my Kind bars.  Price hit nearly $9.95 (that’s almost a pound) and I could feel in my hands that I grabbed too much today.  It happens and I’ll do better for dinner.

12:45 PM:  I head north to Starbucks to get some work done on W 58th St & 5th Ave.  Definitely room for sitting, a different design layout and what I believe is to be a built in Bank of America or ATM within the store between two glass enclosures.  Interesting.  Back to work.

JoJo’s Jot: 1:05 PM:  The Israel Parade is on Sunday June 2.  If one goes into a Starbucks or anywhere near the parade on Israel Parade Day like today, it is packed.

1:06 PM:  “Always be kind and always keep going” -JoJo

1:07 PM: Download speed here is 23.75 mbps & 3.22 upload speed.  Not bad for a slammed coffee shop.

2:00 PM: I need to use the restroom but due to the Israel Parade the lines for bathrooms are out the door. Headed to my nearest Equinox at Rockefeller Center and will get more work done there.

4:00 PM: I take Madison to 8th Ave to Columbus Circle to my staple Equinox and then jet to Central Park for my 6 Mile run.  It was beautiful and right as I wrapped up, the rain came.  Not sure why but I’m becoming more mathematical the longer I’m here in The City.  

JoJo’s Jot:  For example, at Equinox it takes 23 pumps of mouthwash to fill the paper cup. For the shower, turning the C to H handle from pointing down at 0 degrees to 65 degrees is the perfect water temperature that’s not too cold, not too hot, and doesn’t leave me drenched in sweat after I attempt to dry off.  I can handle a total of four steam cycles in the steam room and up to five minutes in the dry sauna.  I ran six miles for six days this week totaling 36 miles. The length of the Central Park route within the border and not crossing over is 6 miles. Every hop on the subway is $2.75.  

JoJo’s Jot: I also noticed today that when someone says something unproductive, that it is counted as a loss.  As if the person asked a question that would have an answer(s) or had remained silent, a whole new world of options could open. It’s like the butterfly effect.

JoJo’s Jot: 8:00 PM:  While grabbing grub at Whole Foods I noticed they now have one entree and two sides behind the glass enclosures for $12.00.  That is a steal.  That’s salmon, beef skewers, quesadillas, as well as all the sides one can think of.

9:00 PM:  Time for bed.  I read a book I will be looking forward to reviewing in the future.

More to come! -JoJo

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