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NYC: Sotheby’s, Tiffany, & Monet Pre-Auction Beauties

by JoJo's Jots
NYC: Sotheby’s, Tiffany, & Monet Pre-Auction Beauties

Delighted to be in The City exploring Sotheby’s pre-auction event. A total of ten floors exist in the building. Floors one through five are dedicated to art that is going to be auctioned while floors six and ten are for public viewing only, Saint Ambroeus’s cafe which is Sotheby’s cafe. It’s highly recommended to hit this cafe in the middle of one’s visit as I was able to spend about six hours in Sotheby’s.

In regards to the cafe, especially when it’s raining, expect the seating to be full but I’d give it a shot at asking someone already sitting that have an extra chair if one may sit with them. The worst that will happen is that they say no or ignore one completely. On the bright side, if it works, one has a seat and potentially a new acquaintance. This happened to me when someone asked if they could sit at my table and I learned about a whole new world.

Once I entered Sotheby’s for the second time, two days in a row, this is Mother’s Day so there was definitely a wait in line to check bags and umbrellas in addition to it being a very wet day. When I was inspired by a dotted painting that looked like the game Twister, a man and his family were approached by a security agent whom asked the man to drop off his bag at the bag check and the family man responded, “That line downstairs is over half an hour and we’re here for just thirty minutes. I will not do such a thing”. Don’t know what happened to them after but as a noob to The City, I wonder if I’ll see more of that here?

There were some artists that were for auction that looked like some of my paintings I painted last summer which was the first time I had ever painted in my life. One of these artists is Theodorus Stamos whom uses almost an infinite amount of brush strokes in a random pattern across a large canvas. Another painter whom paints like me is Hans Hofmann whom paints with random oils cluttered onto a canvas resembling an artists used paint board.

I ran into a few employees several times who were very kind, quite happy, and helpful. The Saint Ambroeus cafe has plenty of lunch and dessert options and the food is quite excellent if one asks me. There are both escalators and elevators to explore the multi-level art exploration. Best of all is that one can go as slowly or quickly as they want to and it was never too crowded for me.

I am amazed by the “In Bloom: A Selling Exhibition of Floral Jewels” by Tiffany & Co. (remember there’s no “S” on Tiffany!). The diamond are almost blinding they sparkle with just the slightest change in degrees of one turning left and right, back and forth. There are earrings in the room that are $1,000,000.00 and clearly show it. What adds to the beauty is how Tiffany has designed the display cases as if the floral jewelry has been growing in these forest like glass containers giving the viewing experience a natural and nature look and feel. Speaking of nature, Claude Monte’s “Meules” is up for grabs for a “Contact for estimate” pricing which means it’s probably more than the $50,000,000 painting I ran into earlier (metaphorically thank goodness!).

Well it’s time to hit Saks Fifth Avenue for more shopping experiences. More to come! JoJo’s Jots

More to come! -JoJo

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