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“No Show” Dates Make Me Grateful

by JoJo's Jots
“No Show” Dates Make Me Grateful

Have you ever had the gut feeling that your date is going to be a no show? I sure did. I planned my day to expect them to be a no-show and to blog about the experience. The beauty behind this experience is that the more I experience well, experiences like these, the more secrets are revealed to me in this world. I actually look forward to these moments. As long as I prepare myself for them, they are as easy as taking a bite out of an appetizer. Also makes me grateful I’m not them. : )

Speaking of appetizers, I’m at Up on Knox and have just ordered the Grilled Avacado which looks fantastic. I wonder if I can eat the skin? Ok I cannot eat the skin but that was fabulous! I highly recommend it and I can never taste avacados.

Just ordered the Mussels (the large portion of course) and this date is going great. In-fact, it’s better than expected. I’ve got air in my lungs, zero diseases, a consistent income, and a brain. These are things we need to think about when life brings us “surprises” although really they are just predicted temporary pitfalls most of us work hard to ignore. Just like it’s raining, it will be sunny again shortly.

7:08 PM: Mussels are fantastic. Getting full though and didn’t realize there is a side of fries. Will get them to go. Just remembered to timestamp my blog post like Trump does in his books. : )

7:12 PM: The 7-Eleven across the street is still “there” but boarded up. I wonder what establishment will be replaced there? Hopefully it’s not a bank. I’m all for them but id prefer them on the second floor of a restaurant or entertainment venue as they are great for the economy but such a dud after-hours.

7:14 PM: The mussels are great here but I should have ordered the half order. Do mussels save overnight? I’m not going to risk it and these guys aren’t cheap.

7:18 PM: Dip the bread that comes in the mussels in the mussel juice. Sounds grotesque but its the best!

7:19 PM: Fries don’t save overnight (barf emoji). Well here we go.

7:22 PM: Fries are great in both the ketchup and the mussels juices. A bit spicy so keep your cocktail or water close by.

7:24 PM: Wrapped up the fries. Totally worth it. Still have some white wine left. 12 & 2 JoJo, 12 & 2. Ready for the check.

7:32 PM: Bill with tip comes out to $74.95. Quite a pricey spot if you ask me but definitely good servicd and good food. Pardon the sideways uploads this is from my phone. More to come. -JoJo’s Jots.

More to come! -JoJo

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