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by JoJo's Jots
Live, Love, Jog

I stopped focusing on setting goals not because I didn’t hit themBut because I noticed after I hit the goalI didn’t have any motivation afterwords.

I stopped focusing on setting goals not because I didn’t hit them but because I noticed after I hit the goal I didn’t have any motivation afterwords.  Similar to my previous post, I realize that it’s far more important to change one’s lifestyle vs. setting extraordinary goals in one’s calendar, hitting those goals, and then being depleted of motivation. So the trick I discovered is to change my daily routine in increments, little baby steps.

When I have this lifestyle change migration in place versus major massive goals a year from now I feel happy all day and all night. I actually don’t find myself coming up with excuses because I’ve studied how life works for me and have come to realize that changing lifestyle habits leads one to those major goals while one can still continue the same positive rewarding lifestyle habits long after the goal has been achieved.

One can hear so many preperations of a story so here’s the concrete answer to this discovery I’ve made: no longer do I tell myself “if I don’t go for a run today I’m not going to have that six pack”. Thank goodness! Now every day I look forward to going for a jog because of these reasons: I get to take a break from work, I get to see the sun, I get to see new faces I’ve never seen before and it’s okay that I’ll never see those people again, I get to feel the breeze outside of the office and outside of my home, new thoughts lead to new successes, and these new thoughts truly appear when I go for a jog while they don’t anywhere else.

If one is wondering about my wardrobe the headphones I’m wearing are officially from Apple and they are the apple air pods which I am a big fan of and I highly recommend! The shirt is from the company DryTek which is sold in one of my favorite stores Kohls. The shorts are also from TekGear which are also labeled as CoolTek. The socks are manufactured by a company named Kachow, and those shoes are still my favorite running shoes which are called Beasts from the shoe company Brooks.

In order to have a fun and fancy free jog it’s mandatory to have superior and comfortable high-quality clothes.  This is something to look forward to every day of the week. I am still listening to my latest audiobook called “Atomic Habits”.  Which explains how exactly to progress in life and become even more successful than one is by identifying microscopic habits that are a negative impact towards one’s success. At least for now I actually stopped listening to music while I jog and only listen to music while I’m working. Funny story, if I listen to music while I run it tricks me into thinking I can run faster and then I really burnout before the end of the workout. While listening to an audiobook this allows me to get a calm, happy, and steady pace which allows me to complete the workout error-free. Shop my look by clicking any of my pictures on this post. Have a great day & I look forward to sharing more this week.  -JJJ

More to come! -JoJo

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