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LiketoKnow.it, Lunch, & Looks

by JoJo's Jots
LiketoKnow.it, Lunch, & Looks

Wednesday May 29th 2019

6:00 AM:  Alarm hits and this time I’m very sleepy waking up.  Had a dream about a lost loved one & then automagically move on with the day.  It’s going to rain again today and during my Central Park timing so it’s probably going to be Equinox today.  There are 34 Equinox Locations in Manhattan and I’m ready to hit them all.  It’s always important to remember that there’s nothing new under the sun and that everything that can be thought of has already been thought of but not necessarily put into action.  In this case it’s already been done: https://www.businessinsider.com/equinox-membership-prices-reviews-nyc-guide-2019-5#bond-street-a-spacious-playground-for-noho-bros-3  After testing out Columbus Circle Equinox, the locker rooms are a good size and the space is long and wide which is far different from other locations where the floors are stacked.  Well we are in the city aren’t we?

6:55 AM:  I do my daily morning walk-around The City to identify my next LiketoKnow.it shoot.  I’m excited because upgrading my wardrobe is so new to me.  I’ve been wearing simple tank tops, sandals, and workout shorts almost my entire life and it is time for change.  Today I’ll be sporting a beautiful Ralph Lauren 100% Pima Cotton XL Hong Kong Italian Yarn white sweater that is my new favorite.  Today the low is 66 so I can pull this outfit off before noon both physically and metaphorically.  I’m also wearing Levi’s causal Khaki’s which are tighter than my Texas born pants but I actually like this better as it doesn’t feel like I’m dragging a second JoJo behind me.  Socks are almost always Jos. A Bank, always bright and cheerful, and the shoes are almost always Brooks Walking shoes for Men at least until I can find a white pair.  I’ve noticed the trends in the city regarding reasonably priced fashions.  Simple Hanes T-Shirts, black tight stretch shirts, Levi’s white shoes for both men and women, khaki shorts, and either very low cut Nike socks or very high Nike socks with a black logo.  Typically men coming out of West Village are wearing the super high Nike socks with the black logo on them while the men walking around the Meatpacking District are wearing the super low cut socks without the logo.  The women’s fashions here are just out of this world.  I look forward to the day where I can eye and identify instantly whichever fashion that passes me by on these beautiful streets.

9:53 AM: I have an idea that has sparked and I am looking forward to publishing it on KickStarter.  I’m a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff so anything is possible and I’m sure it will be a phenomenal learning experience.

12:10 PM: I head out of grounded coffee towards Whole Foods in Union Square for my missed daily walk to lunch. I want to walk a new gorgeous block so I skip 11th 12th and 13th and I land on 14th St. in which I had forgotten there are far more beautiful streets than this Avenue so I turn around and I walked back towards 10th St.  A reminder in The City: just because a walk sign says “Don’t Walk” doesn’t mean that one can cross the street without risk. There’s only so many times one can get away with this. 

11th St. is great but for dining and other shops. I’m always on the lookout for the most beautiful stoop. I land on Perry Street on 10th St. and it runs in the Greenwich Avenue.  I do the math and I realize that the next following 10 blocks or so I’m going to are the same dead-ends to Greenwich Ave so I decide to head down Perry Street to take a right on Greenwich Avenue and enjoy the day.  On that specific corner there is a café called Cornerstone Café with blue umbrellas and white trim and it always looks very hip, trendy, and full. 

A man walks by me with two tiny dogs smoking a cigar, wearing orange pants, sneakers, a blazer, and a pink and purple striped button-down dress shirt, sunglasses that may be Ray-Bans, and a stitched brown belt. Minus the cigar that looks like an outfit I’d like to replicate. Olio e Piu looks just as trendy as the Cornerstone Café except it has tons of greenery. It’s quite gorgeous.  Another thing to remember in The City is that streets once they hit a degree or angle the name suddenly switches.  As I hit University Place the neighborhood is becoming very corporate and begins to lose its Mom & Pop vibes.

12:36 PM At Whole Foods Union station I’ve noticed they always play super happy upbeat music. Very clever Whole Foods. (Insert dollar signs here). My lunch consists of Rojo Seared Steak, Summer Quinoa, Green Beans, Bell Peppers, & Electrolyte water for $7.87 here in The City. Not bad for a New York lunch.  One of the primary reasons I walk to Union Station is that once I get to my destination, I’m reminded everywhere by thousands of people that I’m not the only one in the Universe and this allows me to focus on other things other than myself.

2:05 PM stepping outside of Whole Foods Union Square a man with a very long well-to-do hair passes me by wearing white sneakers, dress pants, and a casual collared shirt. I like this outfit as well and will use it for mine casual attire.  I decide to take 9th Street and I’m so glad I did. It is filled with flowers and greenery to the max and ivy growing up the walls of some beautiful townhomes.

2:39 PM: Every moment of every day, The City always reminds me to be grateful.  I am so thankful for family, friends, the ability to walk on my own, (I lost & recovered that ability recently), and the ability to remember to be grateful for the things so many us take for granted.

4:39 PM: It’s getting cold & 100% rain at 7:00 PM EST outside so I decide to jet a tad early to Central Park for my run. We will see how this rolls and hopefully it’s not too bad.  If the Thunderstorm hits, this will be my first run in a thunderstorm and a thunderstorm in Central Park.

6:24 PM I believe I have run my fastest 6.07 mile run in Central Park at 56 minutes and it was easy, especially in the thunderstorm. It was actually a nice distraction.  I am soaked from head to toe and decide to get on the M 1 subway and head home to change before grabbing dinner.  I remember now there’s a Sushi restaurant I’d like to try out but will wait for a special occasion to dine there with someone special.  I’ll hit one of my staple cafes Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto and try a new Panini before continuing with some work and then hitting the hay.

7:14 PM: At Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto, I have the best Chicken Salad Wrap with honey mustard (which was not a new bite for me, but a staple bite for JoJo) total is $11.98 and local dinner for that price in The City is nothing but a steal.  7:14 PM:(Full blog post at JoJosJots.com). A French horn plays in the cafe.  It’s a beautiful kind of quiet.  I look to my right and it’s dusk outside.  I see the cars pass by on Hudson St & Perry St and hear the rain flinging off of the tires as they roll by.  A cool, almost cold breeze quietly enters the cafe as the door has been propped open giving me a last opportunity to remember the cold weather in The City before the summer heat sets in.  A man and his dog walk by under their umbrella together with a portable speaker that plays “Take it to the Limit” by the Eagles. They & their music drift off into the night sky as the man and his partner trot their way home.  This reminds me of my favorite movie “Contact” starring Jodie Foster when the camera zooms through the galaxies playing all sounds emitted from earth through the centuries fading away.  

A lot can be said in The City with just a look in the eyes.  Something I’m learning very quickly.

More to come. -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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