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Let’s Run from The High Line to Dumbo on The Hudson

by JoJo's Jots
Let’s Run from The High Line to Dumbo on The Hudson

Sunday June 9th 2019

6:10 AM:  I slept through my 5:30 AM daily alarm and know exactly why.  I will not make that mistake again.  I had tested reducing the alarm volume to four white blocks on my iPhone XS Max 512 GB which works when it’s in the room Nextdoor but when the AC is on and it’s in the next room after the next door room: nope.  This time, I will keep the phone in the next room and at six white blocks volume vs. four just to be safe whether the AC is on or off.

7:15 AM: Liketoknow.it shoot.  Today I’m sporting my first Stenstroms.  It’s a dress shirt for St. Patricks Cathedral today at 10:15 AM.  I know this time I’m leaving Hudson & 10th at 9:30 AM, not 9:00 AM like last Sunday.  I arrived too early.

JoJo’s LiketoKnow.it Photo Shoot Jot:

  1. Stenstroms: Fitted body twofold super cotton shirt which is typically in the range of $195.00 to $300.00.  This is a white dress shirt for Sunday mass.
  2. Hickey Freeman slacks.  These are super comfortable and are grey.
  3. Allen Freedman Park Ave black dress shoes.
  4. Funky Socks navy and hot pink socks.
  5. Haynes white short sleeved undershirt.  Very important as I’m a heavy sweater and want to keep this shirt looking great for years to come.

8:22 AM:  Published yesterdays magical post and onto the workday.

9:42 AM: Another LiketoKnow.it photo shoot in Christopher station. This time with the subway 1 train running behind me. Very cool effect.  Same outfit from this morning. 

I also adjusted my new Timbuk2 backpack tighter and not only does it feel better in my lower back, it forces me to have amazing posture.  I have a friend whom gave it to me and I am very grateful for them and the bag.

I will need to locate a Starbucks before going into St. Patrick’s Cathedral to hit the restroom as when one enters the Cathedral the is the option to grab a seat OR use the restroom.

10:00 AM: I get to St. Patrick’s Cathedral at the perfect time, I decide I can wait for the restroom after Mass.  I notice two empty non-blocked nor guarded pews and sit down with smile. Wrong!  They are reserved.  I get up and find another front pew and sit right in front of the offerings. Well it doesn’t get any better than this. I also asked the guards and it is most definitely not reserved.  Perfect timing JoJo. 

8:52 AM:  I decide on Sunday it’s best to eat a Granola Lemon Curd parfait at Starbucks before St. Patrick’s Cathedral Mass.  Otherwise, I get hungry in the middle of Mass and that’s never fun.

9:21 AM:  Shopped for The Phantom of The Opera tickets at The Majestic Theater.  I look forward to sitting in the front row orchestra seats when I’m living off of my dividends.  It will be a reward for me.  In the meantime, I’m going to buy a ticket for $49.00+$12.50 fee=$61.50 ticket for Thursday June 13th & I’m looking forward to it!

JoJo’s Jot: 10th Bleecker Christopher 7th 50th 7th NW 6th 51st from West Village to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

11:30 AM: Mass is beautiful.  There’s a Cuban Parade that blocks my path to the 53rd & 5th Station off of Madison.  In order to get to it during parades on Sunday, one must walk around the block to enter the station from behind.

No Starbucks & Cathedral bathroom is out of order.  On to Manhattan Fruit Market for lunch and of course, the bathroom.  I am very grateful the subways are highly air-conditioned and I have yet to break a sweat in these very fine dress clothes.  I’m getting better at this.  At 50th Street the subway temporarily breaks down. I’ve noticed these steel tubes always have a malfunction. Typically on weekends and at least once every four days.  One just remains calm and waits for the tube to just magically start working again.

Since moving to The City, I’ve begun to truly respect my time as well as the weekends.  When I wake up on Saturday at 5:30 AM, I head to Starbucks as if it’s a work week but I do leave my weekends open always for friends, Mass, and what may soon be a Broadway show.

I’m looking forward to attending The Phantom of the Opera on Thursday at 2:00 PM.  I’d prefer a weekend and early time but the only other options are 8:00 PM and zero times on Sundays. Would make a nice walk from the Cathedral into the “Phantom’s Cathedral”.

I’m also starting really get down the way people work in The City. What they’re looking for, what they want, what they demand, what they don’t want, what they care about, and what they don’t care about. The world is on this island and it’s forever changing. If one wants to travel the world, travel to The City.

This waiting period in the subway also reminds me that with big work deals and big Broadway shows, if one is taking the subway, one should leave with ample time in case one gets stuck on the subway.  Here we go!

JoJo’s Jot: The key to succeeding is always letting go with a combination of acknowledging that nothing comes for free.

12:05 PM: Next stop, 14th St

Lunch at The Manhattan Fruit Market. Then shopping at OMG Jeans for five pairs of $7.99 workout shorts then my first ever High Line Hudson to Dumbo run.

3:54 PM: I did it and loved it. I also learned a lot. I look forward to doing it again but absolutely only during the week. Way too touristy. I ran face first into two bikes from the pedestrian crowd overflowing into the bike lane. Well, I still made it.

Am thrilled some stations are taking Apple Pay now. No more Metro Cards or spending in advance!  Far more efficient too. Next year they’ll be using our retinas to scan us through the subway.

Dumbo looks beautiful from The Brooklyn Bridge. That was also my first time ever to walk on it.

More to come!  -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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