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Let’s Levitate

by JoJo's Jots
Let’s Levitate

Bitter cold? No problem. I love all seasons come rain or shine. I actually prefer change, even if it’s freezing weather or scorching sun. My mind is always yearning for something new, something special, and something different. Since this is the case, going for a jog and listening to a new audio book as often as possible keeps me refreshed, excited, and ready for the day. Especially since the founding of Klyde Warren Park, Dallas is becoming more of a megalopolis than ever before with even more things to do including The Perot Museum.

Every month that zooms by my timeline I am amazed at how fast this city is growing and the phenomenal landmarks that are being established that bring even more people, opportunities, and upgrades to this great city. If one is wondering, the Perot Museum is a natural history and science museum that has quite the architectural eye-candy and is great for all ages. Even better, the Perot Museum is a great spot for a photo shoot, especially when I’ve purchased a new pair of gorgeous Brooks Levitate 2 (Tan/Brown/Wood) Men’s Running Shoes. These golden beauties are super soft to the touch yet super tough to the stomp on the concrete with my super flat feet. I love how the rubber at the bottom outside edges is super soft and the textures surrounding the laces are soft as Egyptian cotton. I’m amazed that these materials have been implemented into a running shoe so beautifully and well designed.

There’s no question that this pair doesn’t disappoint. With smooth fabric lining that givers that great in-shoe feel and DNA Amp midsole featuring polyurethane foam that’s wrapped in a TPU skin, there’s no reason not to grab these guys while they last. Sometimes it can be tough to break in new running shoes but with these beauties, I can just hop right in them and hop right outside and enjoy the glorious daily runs I take through this beautiful ever-changing city. I must admit that this pair of running shoes may actually be making JoJo’s runs more fun than ever before and may even be enhancing my focus on listening to my audio books while I run!

Feel free to shop my looks including these shoes and more in this blog post and on my Instagram.

More to come! -JoJo

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