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Let’s Jog!

by JoJo's Jots
Let’s Jog!

I love going for a jog and I’m actually one of the ones who doesn’t have to go for a jog to clear their own mind. I go for a jog because it just feels good and I love being out in the open with nature, running by the trees, the people, the dogs, the stray cats, and the man feeding the stray cats in the woods. There’s something about throwing on your jogging outfit and just escaping to the trails.  One of my favorite times to run is right before lunch and it’s far before having lunch while long after eating breakfast so I’ve had my coffee I’ve had my food for the morning so the day is fresh and I’m ready to go. I’ve noticed that if I run right when I wake up I stay sweaty throughout the day and hot while running after work can feel doubly exhausting.

Speaking of exhausting, going for a jog shouldn’t actually make one feel exhausted after the jog and if that’s the case maybe running at the wrong time of the day or eating too much right before the run may be part of the issue. It’s all about balance. I also highly recommend running on asphalt whenever possible. If one is interested in my outfit of the day I am wearing my favorite pair of shoes from Brooks which are called Beasts. The shorts and shirt are from the brand DryTek.

One of my favorite brands for a multitude of reasons including but not limited to: super comfortable, pockets for the shorts, looks great in photos and photo shoots, breathable, and fantastic colors some even neon colors which are Jo Jo’s favorites!  Did I mention it’s incredibly easy to wash probably in almost any type of cycle! These jogging fashions are a win win! Shop my look by clicking on any of my photos with my jogging outfit. I hope you go for a jog as well soon and enjoy it just as much as I do! More to come! JoJo’s Jots

More to come! -JoJo

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