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Lesson Learned More Wisdom Yearned

by JoJo's Jots
Lesson Learned More Wisdom Yearned

Tuesday July 2nd 2019

4:30 AM Roaring night sweats.  The City gets really humid and hot in July even with a window unit by the bedroom.

7:30 AM Alarm

8:00 AM LiketoKnow.it Shoot

9:00 AM Work at Hudson & 10th Starbucks.  I discovered the reason I like this corner shop is because it feels very corporate and keeps me working and focused.

11:00 AM Headed to One World World Trade Center Oculus for lunch with a friend.

12:00 PM Poke eat spot and at WTC park. 

1:00 PM Court House errand.  Interesting. 

2:00 PM Equinox Tribeca

Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid 

130 level 8

145 good!

160 good! Hard!

55 too easy

70 good

85 good

Ab crunch with 2lb ball. (Not now)

Ab Lift (30) good

30 good

30 hard

30 reps. Dropped at 25. This is tough stuff. No wonder I’ve got flab down there. Hooray, I found my weakness, let’s drestroy it!

Triceps Extensiondo level 5 in order for back to hit backrest and keep core tightened always!

This time free weights

15 easy

20 easy

30 medium




Biceps Curl



140 good

Lateral Raise:

95 seat 7 good medium

110 good

125 good

Seated Row

90 easy

160 easy 

180 easy


Reach for the Stars and block the negative Ora

Left Right swoosh

Chest and back turnaround 

Shake it off shrugs

Good workout at Equinox Tribeca.

4:00 PM Learned a very important lesson here in the city I’ll never forget. 

More to come! -JoJo

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