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Leaps & Bounds All Around

by JoJo's Jots
Leaps & Bounds All Around

Wednesday Jun 12th 2019

5:30 AM:  Alarm

5:45 AM:  We all have regrets.  I hand onto one yesterday for a few hours.  When I awake I realize how stupid I was and look forward to enjoying the beautiful day.

6:00 AM: LiketoKnow.it Shoot. This is a Banana Republic Custom 078 Ash Shirt Grant Fit Tall L Made in India pink, purple, and white buttoned down long sleeve shirt.  It’s pretty.  Wearing the usual Levi’s jeans, Brooks walking shoes for men, and Jos. A Bank long dress socks.

6:15 AM: Starbucks & Hudson.  I made my first post yesterday through my LiketoKnow.it shoot regarding love.  I’m ready for it, not looking for it.  My whole life I’ve watched and been forced to see engagements, dating, relationships, marriages, families formed and grow and God’s telling me it’s my time.  We all have requirements with people.  Mine are realistic and minimal.

6:39 AM: Am thrilled that I can publish a blog post at https://www.jojosjots.com and a full LiketoKnow.it shoot in about 5-10 minutes or less.  I’m really getting the hang of this.

6:50 AM: Back to work.

10:36 AM:  I get the Starbucks Fruit+Oatmeal bowl & a small black cup of coffee totaling about $15.00.  Time to rethink my food strategy for my 10:00 AM mini-meal.

12:00 PM: Excelling business day!  Wow.  I am thrilled.  It looks great and it feels great. Onto The Hudson Run.  Gorgeous sunny day.  Rain tomorrow, enjoy the run today.

2:00 PM: Manhattan Fruit Market

4:30 PM:  I head over to Bowery St for a visit at The Bowery Hotel but first I walk into a clothes shop called Timbuktu which is a very cool shop for Women’s clothing & oh goodness 50% off all rugs.  It’s gorgeous inside.  I also stumble upon a large row of interior decorating and furnishing shops which are such a delight.

5:00 PM: The Bowery Hotel visit.

6:45 PM:  Liketoknow.it Shoot.  A butterfly lands on my shoulder with the moon in the background while walking and I get just a quick shot of them both before they both disappear into the night sky.  I’m wearing Giorgio Armani trousers, Stenstroms shirt https://stenstroms.com, Jos. A Bank black dress socks, and Allen Edmonds Park Place shoes. I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me. Love you Mom.

7:00 PM: Manhattan Fruit Market 50% off post 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday post 3:00 PM but before 6:00 PM cleanup.

9:00 PM: Bed for 5:30 AM.

More to come! -JoJo

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