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JoJo’s Legs Workout at Printing House Equinox

by JoJo's Jots
JoJo’s Legs Workout at Printing House Equinox

Friday July 5th 2019

6:51 AM Wake up before the alarm. The Cities humidity is fierce. 

8:30 AM 8 hour alarm goes off. 

9:00 AM LiketoKnow.it shoot on 10th & Bleecker. My fave new spot. 

9:15 AM Starbucks Hudson & 10th. 

11:00 AM Lunch at Health & Harmony. Sat on bench outside. Big man walked up to me talking funny and thought I was his “meet up guy” so I scarf my sandwich down and book it to Equinox to do more work.  This was in front of the Clearwater restaurant benches. 

12:00 PM Equinox Printing House. Beautiful rooftop view and day. 

2:00 PM Apple Store for great WiFi and to charge my laptop as well as wrap up my firs KickStarter project. 

4:00 PM Equinox Printing House Workout 

Hip Adduction

160 firm easy

175 easy

190 hard

Hip Abduction

190 medium



Glute Master

38 good

48 good

58 good


135 Burns but good

145 good

165 good. Do not push down with your hands.  Relax and rise. 

Leg Curl



80 good

Leg Extensions

85 good burn

105 good

125 good

Calf Dips

45 good

70 good

95 good left fees more burn and in place than right due to running  a lot. 


5 minute 1000 m min urg

5 minutes 1220

2:05.6 Ave/500

21 split meters

7747 projected 30:00


5:45 PM Manhattan Fruit Market. $7.00 for 1.3 lbs of healthy food, a parfait, and sparkling water. I spend far less in New York City than anywhere else in the country. 

7:00 PM Chelsea 14th & 7th. Great spot to sit and enjoy. 

8:30 PM I walk past another well known figure.

9:00 PM Get ready for bed. 

More to come! -JoJo

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