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JoJo’s Kimono in Tokyo is a GoGo!

by JoJo's Jots
JoJo’s Kimono in Tokyo is a GoGo!

I am having a fabulous time at the Sensō-ji Temple located in Tokyo, Japan. There are an infinite amount of sightseeing opportunities and the crowds really get packed! I am on a mission to find the most gorgeous Kimono in one of these fascinating local shops and everyone is incredibly nice! Making my first few stops it seems that a Kimono is not easy to find so I’m going to keep hunting for one.

Oh my goodness there are so many distractions! It’s so early in the day and there is so much to see but I must focus on my Kimono mission! This white, gold, and blue one is fabulous but after trying it on it’s way too short! On to the next Kimono shop!

Let’s hit a few more shops and see what JoJo can find for his Kimono! Alas! I have discovered the sandals that are mandatory for my outfit and especially for my flat feet these sandals feel amazing since they are super flat. When I walk on them I can either use the “scoot maneuver” or the “horse hooves click maneuver” and quite frankly I like them both. Now regarding my Kimono, I have found this orange one which is nice but it seems short and I would prefer red to match the Sensō-ji temple when daylight hits! Onto the next stores!

Now this shop has some fabulous umbrellas. I may come back and buy one of those to match my Kimono but I’ve got to stay focused. Well what do we have here? Thank Fujiya! I believe I have found my red Kimono for my photo shoot this morning and it’s definitely within budget. For those that are wondering, 5940 JPY = $54.96 USD as of this post and this is fabulous! I also must mention that every single shop I am visiting is thrilled to see me and treats me like royalty whether I’m purchasing something or not and I am so honored to be here. Time to hit the temples streets and strike a pose!

Well what do we have here? A crowd but not just any crowd. I am planning on working with my photographer on a few shots and then heading out to Kyoto on Japans famous high-speed bullet train but suddenly JoJo is surrounded by tourists and locals who are just begging for a picture (or two or three). Suddenly JoJo is swamped by a photo and selfie crowd and feels like a Disney character at Disney World. But wait, this is Tokyo! Ok now JoJo has a train to catch and this photo shoot is getting quite crowded and now a line is forming. Time to jet and morph into Jetset JoJo!

-Sayōnara -JJJ JoJo’s Jots

More to come! -JoJo

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Mimi Huey January 14, 2019 - 8:18 PM

Really WILD colors and lots of people!!

JoJo's Jots January 15, 2019 - 8:57 AM

Thats right Mimi! Fabulous fashion, fabulous landmarks, & fabulous people!


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