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JoJo Throws His Back Out & Gains Wisdom

by JoJo's Jots
JoJo Throws His Back Out & Gains Wisdom

8:30 AM It was Saturday May 4th and I had gotten up early to hit the gym. As we were swinging the kettlebells which is a circular weight for those that are unfamiliar with the word and after a few swings my brain thought “I wonder what would happen if someone got injured in these classes”. All of the sudden it felt as if someone had shocked me with a taser in my lower back. I began to sink and my body forced me to put the kettlebell down.

9:15 AM I turned to my friend next to me and tapped him on the shoulder and I said “I have to go”. I creeped out of the class and walked up to the front desk with my arms gripping the column going up to the ceiling as I was about to collapse. I was assisted immediately and taken care of quiet well. I had to hold people’s hands to walk inches and have people pick me up when I laid down on benches that were meant for stretching with one’s trainer. People in the locker room were incredibly helpful, grabbing my bag in my locker as I was unable to bend down to grab it. I had to leave my car in the garage as I was unable to drive. Thankfully I had my friend with me who assisted me in their car. Just the slightest bump in the road that was driven over in the car was very painful and felt just like the initial shock.

11:00 AM I am back at my friends house who has done wonders taking care of me. They head out on errands and I need to use the restroom. Once I reach the bathroom, my lower back stalls, I grip the wall molding and slide down the floor face-down unable to move. Since the patio door was open, all I could do what listen to the birds and look at the trees and wait for my friend to come home. There was a point where I do believe I passed out from the pain.

12:30 PM My friend comes running in and dials 911. The paramedics come within five minutes of the call and help me get back on my feet and into my friends car. The paramedics inspected my spine and didn’t detect anything that had popped or snapped and although they didn’t have x-rays, they could tell what the problem was and informed me it would be more efficient to have my friend take me to a local ER in which we did.

1:00 PM Holding both of my hands as I crawled out of my friends car, I slowly but surely every few inches of walking was able to get to the ER. X-Rays were taken and praise God Almighty there were no signs of any disc or bone issues. I was given a shot, a few pain meds and a recommendation by my friend and a few others for me to visit a physical therapist to strengthen my core including my back.

2:30 PM. I learned so much from this experience and I hope this helps others with their decisions on working out, checking with themselves on their core strengths, and when in doubt: don’t do it, especially if one is swinging weights. Small moves leads to great successes, giant leaps in quick jolts can lead to devastating results. With losing my ability to use the restroom alone, getting up by myself, lifting a glass to take a drink or a fork to take a bite to eat, I am so grateful for my recovery as well as all the gifts I’ve been given in life.

Breathing, eating, using the restroom, getting up, sitting down, turning around, and even lifting fingers and toes so many of us give up for granted. Imagine not being able to do anything at all but be motionless and feel a constant pain while only being able to see the beauty outside that one took for granted In a split second, I lost everything. Thankfully temporarily.

A fascinating change happened to me inside because of this horrific experience and I am so grateful for it. I may be the only one to understand the change but I get it and it’s real. Looking forward to having a great year ahead. Be oh so grateful for what you’ve got! It could be gone at any moment. More to come. -JoJo’s Jots

More to come! -JoJo

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Sherri S Pulliam May 8, 2019 - 11:06 PM

Ohhhh, I’m So Sorry about your injury….how painful!!
So thankful you are getting better and doing some rehab
to strengthen your core! I loved hearing your gratitude for what you learned through
this experience!

JoJo's Jots May 9, 2019 - 3:35 AM

Many thanks Sherri and I am forever grateful. I’m glad this story has helped! What an experience for sure.


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