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Hocus Focus Shows Us…

by JoJo's Jots
Hocus Focus Shows Us…

Friday June 14th 2019

5:30 AM: Alarm

6:22 AM: I attempt a LiketoKnow.it shoot at The Stonewall Memorial park at 6:22 AM but the park is closed although it opens at 6:00 AM.

6:45 AM: Starbucks Hudson & 10th.

7:00 PM: JoJo’s Jot: It’s vital to remind oneself that no matter how hard one works, if one is working on the wrong things, one will not be rewarded with the desired results.  Choosing what to do is important.  Choosing what not to do is even more important. When focusing on what value one is creating, the progress gained, and/or the projects worked on, life changes.

8:05 AM: JoJo’s Jot: I’m learning about how to establish a constant motion of specified focus.  I call it “Hocus Focus” which is a two layer focus system. Instead of “focusing” on everything and tricking oneself into thinking they are being productive, they are scattered and nothing gets accomplished. Instead, doing Hocus Focus allows me to push everything else away that doesn’t matter and focus on the three things today that do matter.

An example:

Bland Focus

7 Things I own (Timer Started)

  1. MacBook Air
  2. Timbuk2 Backpack
  3. Brooks Walking Shoes
  4. Banana Republic short-sleeved button-down shirt
  5. Levi’s Jeans
  6. iPhone XS Max 512 GB
  7. Champion tall white large socks

Time: 1 minute 40 seconds

JoJo’s Hocus Focus

7 Things I own in my backpack (Timer Started)

  1. Umbrella
  2. MacBook Air power cable
  3. Business Cards
  4. Two black ball-point pens
  5. Encrypted external hard drive
  6. Encrypted iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB
  7. AirPods

Time: 1 minute 10 seconds (and I have to make up #7 & #1 because that was it in my backpack, the AirPods were in my pocket an and the Umbrella was left at home because it’s not going to rain today).

Wow, that’s thirty seconds shaved off.  Hocus Focus indeed & I have never performed the exercise above before.

10:00 AM: New workout routine. Forgot my shorts today.  Based on time x money=buy them for $7.99 at OMG Jeans at NYU then head back to The Hudson to do my 6 mile mighty run.  Time taken is close to an hour.

11:00 AM: Forgot the AirPods.  I need new ones anyways.  $173.00 with tax.

1:00 PM: Work

2:00 PM: The Hudson Run

3:30 PM: Manhattan Fruit Market

3:45 PM: Work

7:30 PM: Manhattan Fruit Market.  Got dinner for $5.75.

9:00 PM:  Marie Crisis to sing a few tunes.  Lots of Dream Girls, Disney, & Sound of Music.

I check out a few bars just by walking in and grabbing a glass of water, tipping the bartender, and then walking out.  A great way to walk out of a bar refreshed and having experienced the bar without “hanging out” for hours on end.

I stumble upon West Village’s Finest Deli and look forward to replacing may of my daily purchases with this great shop.

Time for bed and ready for Saturday.

More to come! -JoJo

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