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Hit the Town with my Fave Shirt, Belt, Shorts, & Shoes!

by JoJo's Jots
Hit the Town with my Fave Shirt, Belt, Shorts, & Shoes!

Aloha! Going to the beach is so much fun!  What’s even more fun is hitting the beach town that’s filled with multi-colored pastel homes that are as tall as the sky and as beautiful as a seascape.  This little perfect paradise is my fave beach getaway in Texas and it’s getting more popular by the minute!

One of the primary reasons I love this beach town is that I get to wear my fave outfit any day, any night and the color of my outfits coordinate with the homes!  These great homes are a staple in this perfect paradise.  The sandals seen here are Olukai Sandals and although I believe the sales rep sold me women’s shoes, they are phenomenal for flat feet and they come in an abundant amount of colors to choose from.

The shorts you see are Dockers Men’s Classic Fit Perfect Shorts and my fave color with these comfortable wears is the “White Cap Cotton” look.  A beautiful bright white goes a long way!  I am just extra cautious when dining as no matter how great the food is, food stains!

The belt seen is such a fave of mine and is the Canvas Elastic Fabric Woven Stretch Multicolored Braided Belts 2041-White-L and is super soft, stretchy, and conforms to my body whether I’m losing fat or gaining muscle, this belt is an adaptable gem!  The best part of this belt is just like the sandals, it comes in a variety of colors and I’m a man who loves his colors!

The greatest of all attires is my ultimate fave: SSLR Men’s Flamingos Casual Short Sleeve Aloha Hawaiian Shirt.  Pink Flamingos and bright blues put me in the greatest mood!  Best of all, this beachy shirt is super comfortable.  I call this the “shirtless shirt” as it feels like I’m not wearing a shirt at all!  Not everyone is a Flamingo fan so there’s plenty of patterns to choose from.  A little birdie told me that patterns are back and I am so excited! Aloha!

More to come! -JoJo

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