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Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee is Awesome

by JoJo's Jots
Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee is Awesome


3:10 PM the sun came out today for a split five minutes and it felt amazing as it was one of the first times ever this April to have real pure sun peak on the rooftop.

3:35 PM bought a new Hamilton Beach single serve Coffee maker that does not require coffee filters and I didn’t clean the last one for over a year and it turned out fine so I thought you know why instead of cleaning the old one I’ll just buy a new one. Very reasonably priced and it can be purchased here.   i’ve noticed that when you pour in the first car it actually takes more water in them lights out which long-term could be an issue if you don’t dump it out. I wonder how it lasted so long with it without dumping it and still drinking it for over a year. Just goes to show that not everything has to be cleaned all the time. That or I got lucky.


3:40 PM While I’m waiting for my coffee it looks like Tamiflu joined me in the kitchen. I always thought that she acted like a robot and really does seem like a robot kitty. It’s all based on the way her eyes blink very slowly in the way her tail wags very slowly in the way she looks up very slowly and it’s all with 20° angle movements.


Well I’m still waiting for this coffee to make I’m also celebratory because the Apple Music service decided to start working today as opposed to yesterday with ALEXA. Looks like the office next-door has been partially remodeled and no longer has creepy graffiti on the inside of the windows that are boarded up. Looks like they also left a window open.

4:19 PM Load of laundry is done. Still have to put masks on which is Hey OK. I’m getting better at laundry and not waiting for my dirty clothes to be busting from the bathroom door which makes it easier to transport and makes me more efficient and clean. 

More to come! -JoJo

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