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Grand Opening: Tom Thumb Field Street Rocks

by JoJo's Jots
Grand Opening: Tom Thumb Field Street Rocks

I have the pleasure of walking into the newest (click for link)Tom Thumb on the planet on Field Street in Dallas, Texas in Victory Park. For those whom don’t know, Victory Park is a neighborhood very close to downtown and uptown Dallas and Tom Thumb is a staple grocery store in Dallas. This is one of the cleanest most organized grocery store I’ve laid my eyes upon.

The staff is extraordinary and there’s self-checkout for everything. Let’s not forget the built-in Starbucks in which Tom Thumb customers can use their Tom Thumb Rewards Cards to get a discount on Starbucks purchases. Now that’s a win-win. From the Winery to the Bakery, the Sushi & Mochi, Bar, to an actual Wine & Beer Bar with mega TV’s, this Tom Thumb is a one stop shop and is a brilliant implementation on Tom Thumb’s part.

There’s even a mini-donut maker station and samples galore. Who knew there were this many olives in the cheese and olive section of the store? As always, this stop includes all the bare essentials for feeding yourself and your family. One doesn’t have to have a family though to hit this spot. Business men in their business attire and deal makers also come to this haven to close the deal and the hunger.

The outside of the store is gorgeous, especially when the weather hits just right with partly cloudy weather as it is so today. A great view of downtown Dallas can be seen when sitting outside in the eating area of the built-in Starbucks as well as the wine and beer bar. Fans are outside if it gets too hot as well as security cameras in every corner. I must say this is an organizers paradise as everything is so neatly put together and in place as well as easy to find. Best of all these prices can’t be beat. I am pleased with the pricing of my Spinach and Feta Wrap from Starbucks, the Poke Bowl freshly made from the Sushi Bar, and my “Make your own Salad”, for $7.99 a lb which had all ingredients I love in my salads.

I’m a huge fan of seating that feels really good when I sit down. If not, I’m up and out in a jiffy. We’re sitting all the time so why not sit right? The high chairs, which I normally dread, are easy breezy to sit on and lean back. Ever sat in a high chair that had literally no back? Happens to me all the time. Not here though, these guys are just right for a 6’1 200lb guy. Another feature of this great spot is that if you’d like to sit outside when you eat or taking a break from doing a major shopping spree, the outside seating is completely covered so rain or shine one is good to go sitting here.

Don’t forget to play Monopoly at participating stores!

This city is booming if you ask me and there’s more to come!

More to come! -JoJo

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