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Foods, Finances, & Films: Manhattan Fruit Market & Chelsea Market

by JoJo's Jots
Foods, Finances, & Films: Manhattan Fruit Market & Chelsea Market

Wednesday June 5th 2019

5:10 AM:  I am thrilled to have awakened before my new 5:30 AM EST alarm and that I hit the hay at 9:00 PM EST.  Looking forward to advancing today.

6:30 AM: Starbucks Hudson & 10th.

7:43 AM:  Wrapped up LiketoKnow.it posts & my latest blog post on The American Federation of Arts Spring Luncheon with Stephen Sills & Martha Stewart which was a phenomenal event and am very grateful to have been there.

7:44 AM: Back to work.

10:30 AM:  I decide to start heading out for lunch at 10:30 AM instead of 11:00 AM so that I can eat lunch at 11:00 AM instead of 11:30 AM or sometimes even 12:00 PM.

JoJo’s Jot:  By the time one is hungry, it’s already too late.  Eat before one is hungry and one keeps up with the pace.

11:45 AM:  It’s been a long time since I’ve had my sweet Chicken Salad Wrap at Cafe Mucho Panino Giusto and so I get the $11.98 wrap realizing that if I went to Whole Foods Columbus Circle that would be $2.75×2(subway)+$12.00 (entree & two sides)+$1.29 Vitamin Enriched Water=$18.79 before tax and a whole lot more time spent getting from point A to point B and time is money.

12:03 PM: Back to work.

12:39 PM:  Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto is a great spot to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner but be sure to scoot after eating as it’s not made for a work cafe with one’s laptop long-term.  It’s important to be respectful of private business owners and their shops, especially in The City.

12:40 PM:  On the way to Think Coffee off of Hudson & 14th, I decide to have coffee at The Bus Stop Cafe which is a cute corner cafe on the corner of Bethune St & Hudson.  On Monday’s, Tuesday’s, & Wednesday’s all bottles of wine half price. 

Monday – Friday from 12pm – 7pm  $5 Corona’s, Coors Light, & Carlsbeg’s. Also House Red & White Wine $5.

With a small breeze at 74 degrees, this is the perfect spot to get work done.

JoJo’s Jot: Anything over 74 degrees in the shade with breeze is while working is still too hot for JoJo and potentially others.

12:54 PM: Back to work.

3:00 PM:  I wrap up work and head to Equinox High Line.  It’s quite different from Greenwich Ave.  This one feels more like someone’s modern home on four floors.  Similar to a WeWork vibe with ivy on the walls and neon lights for the “Men” & “Women’s” restrooms.  All that’s missing is a keg.  Staff is very friendly.

6:00 PM: I head out and on my way to Cafe Pacino Mucho Giusto I am pulled into The Chelsea Market.  Something I normally don’t do but something was pulling me in.  When I first walked in, I noticed a few restaurants and then I stumbled upon a giant sign covered in pieces of painted wood labeled with the restaurants pointed in all directions.  I was about to go to a sandwich shop near the entrance, then a seafood place, and then I saw painted on a wall something on the lines of “The Real Market”.  

I walk down the stairs and stumble upon a cute and very tiny shop called: The Manhattan Fruit Shop which is just like a micro-sized version of Whole Foods.  Best part is My $10.99 1lb dinner is 50% off because it’s Happy Hour here from 6:00 PM to close Monday through Friday and Saturday’s 3:00 PM to close.  So I go back and make a 1lb “dessert” plate which is yogurt blueberries, kiwis, grapes, pecans, granola, more yogurt, and oranges.  This is my first “dessert” in The City and hello, it’s 50% off as well.  So I go back again and get 10oz of Medjool Organic Dates.  All of this cost me half the time and nearly half the cost than my usual Columbus Circle and/or Union Square Whole Foods Subway transit schedule.  I’ve got a new favorite spot here.

6:45 PM:  I have more work to do so I head back home to make some calls and get ready for tomorrow.  I was turned down for my first on-camera audition here in The City that was set in East Hampton. I look forward to the next one. 

7:30 PM to 10:15 PM:  Interesting call, longer than expected but interesting.  Temporarily was disappointed in eating so much earlier but then was quickly reminded that the key to success is putting disappointment on the shelf and letting it mold.

10:15 PM:  Alarm change to 6:30 AM to meet the 8.  Goodnight.  -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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