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Florida Waves

by JoJo's Jots
Florida Waves

My favorite part of Florida is Palm Beach and what better way to hit the waves than with these anchor patterned swim trunks.  I had the pleasure of taking a stroll through paradise wearing my fave swim trunks that shine bright in the sun and are incredibly comfortable.  In case you missed it, Palm Beach is a gorgeous destination that’s quietly located on the Atlantic shores of Florida, about seventy five miles north of Miami.

A breathtaking view at every angle, Palm Beach is a hot spot filled with high-end boutiques, art galleries and museums, and most importantly: antiques!

A great way to start the day in Palm Beach is hitting the beach with these swim trunks.  This size is a large and it fits just right.  A bathing  suit that fits one’s budget and looks great is priceless!

Every day that I wear these trunks, I feel as if the sun is always shining down on me even when the skies are cloudy.  Another reason I’m all smiles when wearing this fave piece is that I’ve had no shrinking issues in the wash and the fabric lasts.  Not too long and not too short, this swimwear is fit for a man who cares about his style and his wallet.

Get JoJo’s swim trunks here!

Have a great day from JJJ!

More to come! -JoJo

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