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Feel Good Today for the Holidays!

by JoJo's Jots
Walking through City

Remember the phrase “There is no quick fix?” Well, there is!  No matter how one’s day is going, one can feel great right here right now.  It’s important to love ourselves and others as well as knowing how to do so!  A kick-start to my day that keeps me motivated and focused is setting a “JoJo Mantra” of the day.  Give one of these jots a shot in the day.  See and feel the difference!

  1. “I will spot one great fashion feature with every person I speak with today.”  A great example of auto-generating positivity in myself and potentially others.  It’s not mandatory to tell the person I’m speaking with something positive about their style.  Just by thinking it will activate positive vibes!
  2. “I will ask someone I don’t know how their day is going.”  What this does is wonders to my mind and soul.  Automatically my mind shifts from thinking about myself to thinking about others.
  3. “I will be especially focused on allowing a stranger to pass in front of me while driving”.  The beauty behind this action is one may make someone’s day doing this and can shift that person’s mindset for the rest of the day.  Yes, it’s that powerful!

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There are more jots to come so stay tuned and have a great day! -JJJ

More to come! -JoJo

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