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Thursday May 30th 2019

6:00 AM:  Alarm goes off and I wake up incredibly sleepy.  I hit the hay a bit more till 7:00 AM, something I am so ashamed to do but I quickly recover and recognize why I slept in and will not do the same thing again in the future.  One only gets today once!

7:30 AM: Grounded Coffee, Breakfast Wrap, & small black cup of JoJo.

8:00 AM: Blog post additions, revisions, and excerpts for Facebook posts and JoJo’s Jots Book organizing. Yes, I’m planning to write a book.

9:00 AM: Back to work.

11:55 AM: Always arrive at Whole Foods Union Square before noon.  Zero lines, happy times.

12:12 PM:  I had a great photo shoot today sporting my new Adidas sports jersey which I love.  It’s super soft and fits just right.  It’s also got a neat embroidery patch labeled AFA which stands for Argentine Football Association.  I start following them on Instagram.

12:28 PM:  A tour bus passes me during lunch that has an ad for One World Observatory One World Trade Center with tickets available at www.owo.nyc open daily 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  The ad has a group of 20-30’s something year olds drinking wine.  Looks like a great spot to take a date.

12:33: Lunch wrapped up.  Back to work.

12:57 PM: University Place. Multi layered white tattered jeans and white Nike tennis shoes are in for men.

2:04 PM: It sure does get warm here in the city right before it gets freezing cold and pouring down rain.  The sun just barely peaked through the clouds as I cross the crosswalk at Hudson and 7th Avenue.

2:50 PM:  White tennis shoes are a huge fashion statement here in the city.  There may be more white shoes that any other color.  I’m a bit surprised since white get’s so dirty so quickly but some shoes I’ve seen, especially on men with great fashions are keeping them dirty and it looks to be on purpose.  Interesting.  

Got a free Venti Pike coffee at Starbucks from having enough stars on my account.  Stars=Rewards.  It’s little things like this in my days that add up big time regarding delight and finance.

3:04 PM:  I spotted a man walk by with a great white dress shirt and slacks.  Amazing what a simple outfit can do for one’s appearance and I’ve jotted it down for my future wardrobe.

7:06 PM: Good workout at Equinox & I made great strides metaphorically and physically with my routine.  I’m such a fan of the default notes app on the iPhone: K.I.S.S: Keep It Silly Simple is what JoJo says.  I decide to try out Manousheh and take 14 St Station to Houston Station & Downing St to Bleeker St.  It is phenomenal!  The bread is great, the meat, the olive oil, “fantastico”!  It’s phenom!  What a great find here in The City and all for $11.00.  Finds like these are such a treasure.  Looking forward to stopping here again for lunch or dinner.

7:50 PM: I take a quick look around the neighborhood Manousheh is in: It’s if Flat Iron, East Village, & West Village said “You can’t sit with us” (Mean Girls reference is the best way I can describe where the neighborhood is.)  I walk past Washington Square & NYU and notice there’s a NYU Catholic building that has a stunning cross inside but it looks closed.  Will stop by another time.

9:19 PM:  Stopped at Starbucks on 6th Ave & Waverly Pl to continue working on projects.  I love a coffee shop that never closes, or at least stays open past 9:00 PM.  Alright time to hit the hay for an even greater day. 

More to come -JoJo.

More to come! -JoJo

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