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Equinox Fitness Class: Iron Body Power Coached by Crystal Pollard

by JoJo's Jots
Equinox Fitness Class: Iron Body Power Coached by Crystal Pollard

I had a fabulous Saturday morning which all started with an excellent fitness workout class at Equinox & Crystal Pollard coached this round.  The course includes kettlebells which are known to be a staple in workout routines that give max results as long as the motion is with perfect form!  With this class, I like to start out small and go big in the following classes to build proper form!  I picked up the fifteen pound & twenty-pound kettlebells and will choose the twenty pound and twenty-five-pound kettlebells in Pollard’s next class.

It’s always smart to be safer than sorry!

I do have a recommendation regarding the kettlebells while swinging them up towards the sky and back under your legs: don’t let go!  If I ever detect my kettlebell may be slipping in a group class, and I’m near the gym windows where the rest of the gym can see the workout class inside the studio, I tend to grab my hand towel and wrap it around the kettlebell.  I do this so that my kettlebell doesn’t go flying through the gym windows and into the public workout area.  Now that sounds like a scene from a Sandra Bullock or Will Farrell movie, doesn’t it?

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The beauty behind this workout is that I get to experience a full body workout that builds great stamina and conditions my body all while I get to learn new routines.  Because of this, I can use these new skills in my own workout sessions and when I’m working out with friends.  Two of Pollard’s exercises were a first in my book.  One of them is the “Kettlebell Deadlift” which assists not only with my posture, but gives me even better curvature!  Do this by holding the kettlebell in one hand while having the opposite leg flat up against the wall with the rest of your body even and your opposite hand against your waist.  Face downward but stay even and lift that kettlebell towards the same shoulder of the arm that’s being used to raise the kettlebell and repeat!  General fitness recommends doing estimated twelve reps for each leg for three sets.  Remember, if it burns your muscles will learn!  If it hurts, stop!

The other exercise I may have never performed is the knuckle push up which I highly recommend doing anything with your hands or knees on a mat else your joints will go flat!  I prefer the “Knuckle Push-Up” over the standard push-up which makes me think this may be an easier exercise than the typical push-up.  I will find out and will continue to perform the more difficult one next round!  The knuckle push-up is simply swapping my open palms for closed fists that support my body while doing a full push up.  Remember to breathe in with a tightened abs and back area and breathe out when going back up!  This class “Iron Body Power” lands in the category of “Athletic Training” and includes a massive amount of strength and cardio.  The intensity is for all levels and the course is held in Equinox’s main studio.

Pollard is a Washington, DC native and loves interior design!  Great minds think alike!  While enjoying the creativity of interior design, she also enjoys restoring vintage goods and enjoys her fave foods: brownies and popcorn.  In addition to fave foods, let’s not forget bragging rights for USA Track and Field, L-2 certifications for Kettlebell, & NASM which is the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The music that Pollard plays in her classes fills the studio with rich beats and gets me going and vibrant in the morning.  I sometimes have to stop myself from doing a jig in Pollard’s class due to the catchy beats and put my mind back on course!  Super supportive and informative, Pollard’s class is exciting, rewarding, and a favorite in my Equinox app!

Crystal Pollard Equinox Fitness Class

Pollard knows what she’s teaching in this phenom Equinox class!

Seen above, I’ve created my first JoJo’s Jots tank top. This allows anyone around me to come up and scan my shirt.  By doing this, iPhone users see my Instagram profile and can follow me as well as check out my Amazon shop!  Wearing this shirt is incredibly helpful as this shirt introduces my blog to people automatically!  I do say this is a great conversation piece where ever I go as I do get a lot of questions when wearing this staple outfit!  If you do decide to give Equinox a try, why not get a free three day pass at Equinox Highland Park?  Just ask for Rachel and mention JoJo’s Jots!

Have a great Sunday! -JJJ

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