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Early to Rise, First to Shine

by JoJo's Jots
Early to Rise, First to Shine

Monday June 3 2019

5:50 AM: I wake up before my alarm and feel victorious.  I do shut one eye before my 6:00 AM alarm goes off.  I realize it’s time to change the alarm to 5:30 AM every day to be more productive every day.  There’s about 30 minutes in my day that is taken by sleep that surpasses the 8 hour recommendation.  Looking forward to waking up at 5:30 AM now.

6:40: AM: I have a new staple Starbucks: Hudson & 10th.  Great seating, great views, and now back to work.

7:54 AM:  I officially post my seventh blog post in seven days, something I’ve never done before.  I feel great.  Back to work.

8:50 AM: I truly learned something new today and that really can change ones world for the better. Education is key!

10:05 AM: It’s a beautiful day in The City. A bit on the chilly side at 66 degrees throughout the day.

11:30 AM: LiketoKnow.it photo shoot with my first new full dress wardrobe that includes a Banana Republic black and light grey striped slacks at 32/34 which are made in Turkey, a 100% Cotton imported Fabric Burberrys (yes, with an S at the end) of London which is measured at 16 1/2 – 34 and made in U.S.A.  The dress shirt is white with very thin black lines and it fits beautifully.  Sporting my fave Brooks Running walking shoes.  Perhaps one day if they come out with dress walking shoes that are black, I’ll be the first to buy.

JoJo’s Jot: Take the subway if one wants to keep their dress clothes & business attire clean from walking 10+ blocks in the city. I’m a heavy sweater and the subway keeps my dry and gives me ample time for more work.  Taking the subway also prevents one from getting too much sun above ground.

11:57 AM: Subway is flawless today and very chilly. 

JoJo’s Jot: 12:33 PM Always be on alert anytime one is standing and walking in a Subway.  The only time one should be on their phone is standing and stationary or sitting. Even then, always be aware.  This is not in regards to specific people, this is in regards to fast moving objects: People & subway cars.  

JoJo’s Jot: 12:58 PM The Whole Foods on 24th & 7th does not have an Express line. The seating area can only be accessed by leaving the building and entering another side. The seating area is a total of seven bar stools.

Today’s lunch consists of blueberries, quinoa, bell peppers,  fin fish, & black beans.

JoJo’s Jot: 12:59 PM Journaling during a meal is a great way to Pace one’s self when eating.

1:31 PM: Starbucks, Hudson & 10th, another free cup of coffee for the afternoon.  I can’t reiterate it enough,  The City is always moving, whether one wants to or not so be ready.  Love it.

2:24 PM:  Always wear a sweater to the Starbucks on Hudson & 10th.

4:41 PM:  Starbucks Hudson & 10th is slammed with the “out of school parade” from 3:10 PM to 4:40 PM EST.

6:50 PM: I hit Equinox Columbus Circle and Central Park for my 6 mile daily run. Today marks 7 days and 42 miles. Its a but chilly today but that doesn’t stop me.  Today I probably saw one or two familiar faces on the trail and some new faces, we crossed paths multiple time going opposite directions.  They must be cutting through the park or be Olympians.  My playlist is upgrading. I now have Mike Posner, Ciara, The Knocks, Flo Rida, & Lizzo.  I prefer very happy, positive, beats & lyrics.

8:30 PM:  Whole Foods time.  Although it’s never good to be penny wise pound foolish I’m starting to have fun with the math savings when it’s on-the-go and doesn’t take up any time so I purchase six hard boiled eggs for three days at about $6.00 a box vs $5.00 a day two eggs at Starbucks.  That’s $9 a week I can be automatically drafting to an investment vs down the drain.  I also get to eat immediately when I wake up vs at Starbucks.

10:00 PM:  Wrap up a call and hit the hay.  Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

More to come! -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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