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Dumbo, Bars, & More Bars…hmmm

by JoJo's Jots
Dumbo, Bars, & More Bars…hmmm

Saturday June 22nd 2019

8:08 AM Late night to bed last night at 12:54 AM. Good cut off time is 12:00 AM. Thanks Mom. 

8:55 AM Starbucks Hudson & 10th. Today is gorgeous!  Its been cold and rainy this whole summer.

First time I’m seeing two subway cars run together at the same time. It’s just like watching a movie.  As the steel columns swoosh by it’s as if a reel film is spinning on a projector. Oh the Jots I have between these blog posts are stunning.

10:08 AM Beautiful day in Central Park. 6 miles vs 7 to meet a friend for hitting up Dumbo. 

11:30 AM Dumbo. It’s beautiful. 

3:30 PM USPS to mail my mother a gift. 

4:00 PM Goodwill

6:00 PM Met some friends at a gathering. 

8:33 PM Head back to West Village. 

8:50 PM: West Villages Finest Deli

9:00 PM: The City is now painting the Stonewall crosswalk rainbow.   Is there a profit from that?

10:00 PM Julius’

11:00 PM The Boiler Room

11:30 PM 80’s Dance Bar. There’s a $10.00 cover. 

12:00 AM Julius’

12:15 Bed

I’ve had enough bars for a lifetime so I’m good to go. Now on to opportunities. 

More to come! -JoJo

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