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Dreams, Desires, & Drinks

by JoJo's Jots
Dreams, Desires, & Drinks

Friday May 31st 2019

1:42 AM: I woke up to a dream in which I was in an elevator with no buttons except a “Fireman” button. I pushed it, the stainless steel doors opened, and there was pitch black darkness with a gust of wind.  Just like when a person is at the pool and they dip their toe in the water to test the temperature I did the same with my foot but there’s no floor, there was nothing.  I then pushed the “Fireman Button” and the back stainless steel wall of the elevator began to move.  I had nowhere to go but out.  As I fell out, I woke up.  I felt funky after waking up from that dream, almost sleepwalking but thankfully fell right back to sleep.

5:30 AM:  Alarm goes off and I am thrilled I fell back asleep.  Every Friday morning I attend Equinox’s Yoga class at Greenwich Ave and I love it.  The session is as if I’m having one hour of a constant, smooth, and appreciative stretch for every muscle in my body.

6:18 AM When I stopped by one of my staple Starbucks, I was asked what I would like and I answered, “A small Venti black coffee with room for cream”.  Small & Venti are two complete opposite sizes.  Good morning JoJo!  One of my favorite landmark personalities of the city is that no matter what I’ve got my mind held onto, this city forces me into the present the moment I walk out the door which makes for a far more productive day!

6:52: I am amazed how often I come across a “Cityzen” (just came up with that) whom is wearing one of my articles of clothing.  Whether its workout wear like TekGear from Khol’s or a J.Crew short sleeved button up.  That’s the beauty behind this city is everything is so compact one really gets to see everything all in one day but in a different way each day. 

9:10 AM:  Great Yoga class.  I’ve also noticed workout fashions in The City for men are quite often black Nike shoes, black tall or short socks, and a simple black stretch shirt, and shorts.  There is always the occasional tank top, bright colors, white sneakers but the black colors seem to be predominant.  Onward to the work day ahead!

9:44 AM:  I’m looking forward to my photo shoot today sporting my new Club Monaco short-sleeved white textured shirt which feels just right & sticking with my original IZOD Mahogany Red shorts & my Navy Olukai Sandals from The Breakers Resort. https://www.breakers.com

10:03 AM:  Since moving to The City I’ve lost 16.1 lbs and now weigh 182.5 instead of 198.6.  I picked up just a 10 lb weight and was blown away by how much weight that is!  Being car-free, running 6 miles in Central Park five days a week, eating super healthy (that means no drinky drinks), & early to bed, early to rise, has to be doing something right. ; )

12:31 PM: When walking south on University Place at noon in the summer you’ll want to walk on the left side for the shade.  West on 12th St., left side.  Passing Gotham Bar and Grill I’ve been told it’s a hit in The City and look forward to dining there soon.

12:37 PM: I continue to walk by New York University buildings which reminds me that I need to take a course there and look forward to doing so.  I’m very interested in taking a course that will allow my continued growth in life.

1:03 PM: Stopped by a local Chase Bank on 8th and 12th Ave. I am thrilled to see that Chase is the dominant bank here in The City.  After my first visit I had a great experience & look forward to heading back there after a personal milestone I have.

1:20 PM: I was heading to Birch Cafe but then noticed there was another Think Coffee in the neighborhood on the corner of 14th St & 8th St.  I walk in and not only is it huge, but there’s plenty of seating available, and the food looks incredibly fresh and healthy.  There may even be three floors.  Back to work.

3:00 PM I head to Washington Square from Think Coffee and the day is just gorgeous.  Tons of activity and something new every day.  Every single person is so different from the next it’s so refreshing.

5:42 PM Dove into the 14 St Station to hit Columbus Circle for my 6 mile run. I did Yoga this morning but thats never enough for me. I gotta get new ideas, a refresh, and running in Central Park does that for me.  I’m looking forward to the weekend.  Although my heart is set on The City, I’m headed out to Williamsburg for a food festival.  

5:50 PM: I give my seat up in the subway train for a family. It’s always good to think of others more than oneself. They thank me and it feels great.  My Brooks Running shoes are still a bit soaked from the thunderstorm run which was a blast in itself.  There’s proof in the pudding that the iPhone XS Max 512 GB can survive a mega rainfall in Central Park taking videos, pics, & listening to music with AirPods.  I was completely soaked, as was my shirt holding the phone, and the phone itself.  Still a-OK.

9:00 PM: Run was great! With new artists in my playlist like Ariana Grande, Mike Posner, & David Guetta.  Michelle Branch, Taylor Swift, & Sia are still my foundation artists.  I am looking forward to hitting the hay and starting my day tomorrow.  Every day I’n amazed at what can be accomplished here in one day. 

Goodnight and see you tomorrow! -JoJo

More to come! -JoJo

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