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Diamond Studded Golden Omega watch from the 70’s

by JoJo's Jots
Diamond Studded Golden Omega watch from the 70’s

What better way to enjoy the beach than with a diamond studded golden Omega watch from the boogie nights time period: The 70’s!  Although upside down in this picture, this watch looks great in any direction and will fit almost any outfit, shirtless or not.  The style doesn’t have to stop there, why not wear the watch with a pineapple bathing suit and a purple hat?  Just goes to show that this watch can be worn with anything!

The Omega watch company is a Swiss luxury watchmaker headquartered in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.  Did you know that NASA wore an Omega watch on the Moon in 1969 so this was the first company in the Universe as we know it to have their watch on the moon!  In addition to NASA, Omega has been keeping the time of the Olympic Games since 1932.  One of the most intriguing aspects of this of this watch is that they do not require batteries.

The purple hat you see is 100% cotton and comes in a variety of vivid colors that look great with any outfit for both men and women.  These hats are fantastic for every day use both rain and shine.  The rear fabric strap is completely adjustable and the hat is very lightweight allowing comfort for your head and still giving a stylish vibe.  If purple isn’t your favorite color, there’s many other color choices such as red, pink, yellow, green, white, and orange.

The bathing suit is one of my faves.  Drys quickly, wears above the knees, and has pockets which is a plus!   These swim trunks fit just perfectly and if you’re a size 36, I’d recommend purchasing the XL version as the large sizes typically fit better.  While netting is located inside the swim trunks, the material is far more comfortable than any other swim trunks I’ve purchased in the past.  This pair is a winner!

Hope you are enjoying your day.  JJJ

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Omega Watch History

More to come! -JoJo

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