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David Pisanich’s METCON 3: The High-Intensity Equinox Fitness Workout

by JoJo's Jots
Equinox Fitness Class

Just because it’s Sunday, doesn’t mean it’s a day to forget fitness!  Whether I’m working out for 30 minutes or 50 minutes a day, heavy weights or my extra cautious lightweight days with new routines, I take advantage of a fitness routine every day.  The beauty behind this is that I sometimes would miss a workout in the daytime but because of my dedication every day before, it was no big deal!  Now I’m on to something new: getting up at 4:30 AM and taking morning classes.  Now there’s no excuse any day!

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One of the toughest classes to date for me is the METCON3 Fitness course instructed by David Pisanich at Equinox.  Why is this so tough?  There’s actually a few reasons:

  1. Rapid changing of exercises keeps my heart rate going.
  2. Most of the exercise formations I’ve never performed before.
  3. The “Sandbag Throwdown” with a jump in the air really takes the air out of me and my thighs!

I must admit that there’s rarely an exercise that can make my legs burn like a roller coaster ride in the hot summer sun!  This round I chose the twelve-pound sandbag.  If I’m going to perform the exercise with a big jump in which my feet fly behind my back then I’ll start with the ten-pound sandbag next time!  My dumbells were a good choice: ten pounds and twelve pounds. I’ll upgrade my handsets to twelve and fifteen-pound dumbells for the next METCON3.

Pisanich’s fitness routine includes positive & upbeat pop beats that are uplifting and motivating.  It’s a known fact that everyone has different tastes in music.  For pure entertainment and a great survey tool, Pisanich asks that if you would prefer a different band or song to be playing to then throw your sandbag harder into the floor!  Not only does this give fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to voice their opinions without having to say anything, but it’s also one of those fun surprises I wouldn’t typically see in a fitness class!  I appreciate how uplifting this class is and I walk out with a “Mission Accomplished” grateful attitude.

After reading the course details, I now realize why my legs were burning so quickly!  This fifty-minute high-intensity workout is truly a fat-incinerator.  This means that if I don’t feel what I felt in this class in the future, I’ll need to be pushing myself further!  Focused on strength and cardio and under the “Athletic Training” category, this is an hour made for all levels of intensity.  If traveling to or living in the Dallas area, visit Equinox Highland Park and visit their Instagram by tapping or clicking here!  Just ask for Rachel, mention JoJo’s Jots, and get a free three-day guest pass!  To visit David Pisanich’s Instagram tap or click here & to visit JoJo’s Jots Instagram tap or click here!

Have a great day! JJJ

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Patrick Quine November 10, 2018 - 3:13 PM

Great motivation – I’m inspired!!!

jojosjots November 10, 2018 - 7:51 PM

Excellent & that’s great to hear Patrick! More to come!


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