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Coffee, Curbs, & Central Park

by JoJo's Jots
Coffee, Curbs, & Central Park

Monday May 27th 2019

9:36 PM I sat and waited for the A or C train only to see the 1 keep coming by.  I realize I’m sitting on the wrong level and go downstairs and hop on the C train. Ready for bed.

9:25 PM I enter Columbus Circle subway and wait for the A or C train.  Am ready for bed.  Looking back on today I’ve accomplished more than I have in years in one day in The City.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s gains and leaving behind yesterday’s pains. Still full from that giant Chipotle bowl. 

8:15 PM I look for single $ “somewhat healthy” food and read up on a burrito article before hitting Chipotle by Columbus Square: avoid Avocado, Cheese + Sour Cream, the tortilla, and Barbacoa. Stick with the bowls, steak, cheese OR sour cream, and have double servings of the veggies, lettuce and, steak. Leave the rice and beans for the vegans.  Due to losing nearly 10 pounds in two weeks from no longer having a car and I thank God every day for that, I am unable to finish the two pound burrito bowl.

8:00 PM I finish my 6 mile 1 hour run around Central Park. 12 miles in two days. This is getting easier than I thought. It could be due to the Sia music I’m listening to. She’s great.  Not as many people in Sheep Meadow today.

6:48 PM Hopped on the 1 M train to Columbus Circle for my Central Park Run. I hop into the subway and can tell it’s one of the older cars with the orange seats.  I look up and see an ad for Eyewear Rx glasses starting at $6.95 and have noticed a trend that once one company does it, others follow and more cheaply both cost and material wise.

3:32 PM I head home from Joe Coffee Company off of Waverly  Pl & Gay St to shoot some self-taping auditions which I feel confident about.  To do about one full minute of lines took about two hours.  Read a great article that gave recommendations for self-taping including sound, lighting, distance, quality, and techniques from Backstage which is an actors portal for submitting for auditions.  I did everything from my phone so it took a bit more time than expected.

12:30 PM I head from Grounded Coffee to Joe Coffee Company to try the place out for the first time and get some lunch. The sandwiches are $10.00 and refrigerated. Coffee is $3.75 for a small black cup which was somewhat of a medium size.  They have a bathroom that says “Staff” on it. Clever.  The views outside are gorgeous.

9:30 AM I land at Grounded Coffee to get some work done and get my fave Breakfast Wrap Sandwich which I believe is $5.75 and a black small cup of coffee “to stay” is what New Yorkers are saying in the Mom & Pop shops.  The Wrap at Grounded is so good because they give the wrap a small burn from the grill which is delicious.

6:40 AM I wake up before my 8:30 AM “I stayed up past midnight” alarm which I’m very ashamed of doing, going to bed that late that is and setting my alarm so late.  I never reap the benefits because there are none.  I go back to bed to get the minimum 8 hour sleep rule to have a productive and happy day. 

More to come! -JoJo

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