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Christies, Briefcases, Night at the Whitney, & Wine

by JoJo's Jots
Christies, Briefcases, Night at the Whitney, & Wine

Thursday June 20th 2019

5:58 AM Wake up long before alarm at 8:30 AM since I went to bed at midnight. Gasp!  Yesterday was such a dream at Christie’s Auction House for fourteen hours of pure joy.  I met so many wonderful people and had such a great time. I bid on four items and was outbidded.  Next time Mom! My bid paddle is 558 and I am officially registered as a bidder at Christies.  My workbag is now a Martha Stewart bag. I love The City. 

9:13 AM I’m headed to another Christie’s auction event at 10:30 today. 

Auction is for Davild Gilmore’s guitars. The line is long past the door filled with many smokers.  Jewels are my game. I’m out!

First time I’ve been able to hear the subway conductor on the 1 train.  Super.

I’m amazed at how much I learned yesterday at Christie’s auction. From the way bidders react, don’t react, and joke to the amazing talents of all the auctioneers with stellar personalities.

The quickest way to recover from something is to acknowledge it and move forward, immediately. This I only learned just arriving in The City.

11:00 AM Tested a new lunch spot called Toasties by Rockefeller Center. It’s great and reasonable priced. Careful, the salads are charged based on topping and they don’t take Apple Pay.

12:18 PM It’s time to buy a briefcase. No more backpacks for this guy. I don’t believe that backpacks are made for humans. One is not supposed to have a big bulge hanging from one’s back.

Walked into a bag store in Greenwich Village and the cheapest bags are $200.00+. When I’m living off of dividends. 

New phrase: OST: Only Simple Thoughts. Then every day is beautiful. 

A woman in front of me in the sideway was strutting along and her hips got wedged between a column and wall and I don’t niece that section was made for human traffic at 2nd St Station.

1:11 PM Found my all in one briefcase, messenger bag, and backpack for $29.99 at Marshalls.

7:30 PM Night at The Whitney Museum Members only after hours special biennial.  Met some great people and painted some great watercolors. I have already seen the exhibits and was unable to locat the mini tour guides.

10:00 PM: I head to Julius’s in West Village just for a glass of red wine before hitting the hay. I’m bumped into twice and my glass hits my shirt.  Amazing how life works out, I had just put on my 3 for $7.99 Haynes knock off shirt at Marshalls and I toss the drenched shirt with wine into the corner trash bin at Christopher Station and head home. 

More to come! -JoJo

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