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Champs-Élysées, Cartier, & St. Christopher’s Hostel

by JoJo's Jots
Champs-Élysées, Cartier, & St. Christopher’s Hostel

I had a great time visiting Cartier on Champs-Élysées which is very close to Arc de Triomphe.  The beauty behind this store is actually in front.  The windows above in the picture have video clips playing on repeat, and the entrance is awe inspiring!  Even on a cold & rainy winters day, this spot is the place to visit!  Staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris is always a blast especially when I’m with family but while I’m on the go, a proud bachelor, and planning long-term to have the ultimate savings account with the love of my life I like to always be on guard regarding checks and balances.  While the Four Seasons start at $1,182.00 per night, why not spend $20.00 a night at St. Christopher’s Hostel in Guar De Nord?  This is exceptionally reasonable and wise if all I’m going to do is sleep at my hotel and get out on my journeys.  Let’s do the math here:  16 days in Paris at Four Seasons starts at $16,548.00 while at St. Christopher’s 16 days starts at $336.00.  Now, this is a priceless post!  Be sure to mention Jetset JoeJoe when checking in at the desk so they know I say hello!

I must say that the private rooms at St. Christophers are well worth the booking!  Just like any other hotel and I have all my necessities just like the Four Seasons.  I have a few shots taken so one can get a glimpse of what is in store for staying at St. Christopher’s hostel.  Another beauty behind this spot is that automatically one is surrounded by a wide variety of people of all ages, backgrounds, and education.  An additional plus is that one does not have to socialize with others if one does not want to.  One can merely sleep and go out there and start their journeys.  This local hotspot is almost next door to one of Paris’s central rail station “Gare Du Nord” which is incredibly helpful to be nearby when jetting from one’s hotel.

I highly recommend purchasing a “Zone 5 T+ Ticket” at the Gare Du Nord rail station which is 68.50 euros which is $77.4 USD and allows one to travel unlimited train rides across all five sectors of Paris for five full days from the timestamp purchase of the ticket which even includes the train trips to Charles de Gaulle & Palace of Versailles and these trips are 45 minutes and 1hr30 minutes one way!  Be sure to keep one’s ticket in a thick wallet and do not bend the ticket else one may get jammed in the crowd attempting to hurry through the ticket scanners for their next destination!  Not to worry as there is almost always information personnel ready to assist and some are so friendly.

More to come! -JoJo

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