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Being Grateful for Gifts & Perhaps God

by JoJo's Jots
Being Grateful for Gifts & Perhaps God

7:34 AM: After throwing out my back this past weekend and being able to walk again on my own really woke me up. I’ve recognized how fragile our bodies really are and that we have so many gifts we don’t even think about as gifts but more of just “rights”. Slowly but surely I’ve started to believe in a higher power, a God. I’m very careful about this though as there’s a ton of competitive faiths out there but I’m happy going at my own pace. I also believe this experience was God telling me to slow down and focus on what matters most.

I was already beginning to believe in God before this accident occurred so this isn’t a “I survived and now believe” situation but it sure added a scoop of ice cream to the Sunday. The cherry is still missing but for me it’s all about small moves.

Here’s to you and a beautiful brand new day. More to come. -JoJo’s Jots

More to come! -JoJo

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